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Come practice, play, and explore with us.

Each teacher and class will vary slightly depending on the unique and authentic voice of each teacher.  Expect a safe environment to intentionally move, discover, and breathe.  Every class will offer specific cueing to support understanding your bodies’ alignment as well as reflective theming that offers questions, thoughts, and conversations on yogic philosophy in ways that relates to the seasons, life, and/or practice.

Though our studio is not heated, the focused practice may create heat in your body. Expect to sweat and perhaps step into new areas of movement and play.       

All classes are drop in.

Registering for classes ahead of time is encouraged but not required.  Walk ins welcome.

“The intimate size of the community allows teachers to really get to know students’ unique challenges. Lila teachers always seem to be following student progress and thinking about each student’s overall development. It’s like having a yoga architect helping to guide my long-term progress.” – Lauren

“The brick, wood, and glass make Lila an aesthetically inviting place to lay down a mat and awaken the senses, move the body, and calm the mind. I am also drawn to Lila because of the diverse group of instructors, and the variety of class offerings, both gentle and challenging.” – Margo