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The mentorship program helps you develop habits and techniques to live and lead a more conscious, healthy, and supportive practice and lifestyle.  Life takes practice; practice is life.  Learn to lean into your own intuitive knowledge.  Learn to trust your skills, identify your weaknesses, and evolve into your ideal vision.

One on one mentoring sessions to help you step deeper into health, wellness, and purpose.

Choose a path or a combination from the list below.

Health and Lifestyle Path:

  • Bring Ayurveda into daily living
  • Improve gut and digestive health
  • Improve sleep
  • Move into ideal weight
  • Feel more rested and at ease in daily living
  • Habits to foster healthier way of being in all relations: food, people, family, finances, home, lifestyle, and sleep
  • Sync up with and seek the support from the Mother of mothers… Mother Nature

Yoga Teaching Refinement Path:

  • Bring Ayurveda into daily living, practice, and teaching
  • Build confidence and trust in your own practice
  • Refine your voice and language as a teacher
  • Develop own home practice both on and off your mat
  • Develop sequencing strategies to support students’ strength + flexibility both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and creativity
  • Deepen understanding of alignment and anatomy

Invest in your self. Create the future you want to live. Contact us today for more information.