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How would you describe yoga? To me, Yoga is the endless practice of self inquiry. This practice brings an understanding of our current experiences, while at the same time, pointing the way to our next experience. It provides an opportunity to change, to become more flexible, patient, and sensitive, which opens us up to a [...]

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Teacher Feature: Katherine Oakes Englishman

How would you describe yoga? Ah! That's such a beautiful question. For me, I describe yoga as an expression and acknowledgement of being embodied—of having the gift of life. How did you find your way to yoga? The short version of the long story is that I came to yoga during the tail end of [...]

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Teacher Feature: Caroline Ginsberg

How would you describe yoga? Yoga started for me as a physical practice, a way to listen and drop into the quieter corners of the body. A tool for finding connection to breath and noticing the patterns of the mind. These days, yoga feels so much bigger. A way of navigating the moments, bringing more [...]

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There is a natural draw in all living things to pulse, to breathe, to feel, to rise up with the light, and contract with the dark. For years I misunderstood the depth of the word expansion. Upward, rising, showy, optimistic, bright, bigger expression, A+ postures, advanced. The last decade of my life has really [...]

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We Are The Stars

How often we can take the sun for granted and just move through the day. How often we can get lost in our to-dos and forget to watch the awe of the sunrise or sunset. How often we can feel trapped in our longing or desires and be led astray from what is right [...]

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Celebrating 9 Years

As I sit here and try to use my mind and drum up something worthwhile to share with community, something inspiring, something that drops us into connection and reflection, I feel a bit stumped and uncertain.  Pause, breathe, and feel; I tell myself this, the same words I have said countless [...]

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May You See the Flowers

Do you wake in the morning willing to receive, listen, and remain curious about this auspicious life? Can the call of birds stir you to sweetness, the wind on your skin delight you in the mysterious forces? Can an unwanted emotion be greeted with honor? The path of a yogi calls [...]

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Allowing Ourselves to be Seen

Dear Lila community, April is here! As the plants begin to pop up through the dark soil, the days become longer, and the sunshine gets warmer, the invitation this season can be about stripping down the many barriers between the outer world and our true selves—be it literal layers of clothing, [...]

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