November 24th was the last day of Lila’s 200hour Yoga Teacher Training.  We met for 1 weekend per month over the course of 8 months. I am so honored, humbled, and in love with this process of supporting beings to remember their truth, stand more clearly embodied, and use their voice.  


The understanding of yoga was expanded in minds and hearts, including my own.  The human conditioning of doubt, worry, lack held strong for years in my unwillingness to believe it was the right time for me to step into this role and seat.  I am so glad I did to be able to witness what unfolded for both myself and all the students. My co-leader, my friend, my sister, Jen Queally was right there by my side, sharing her deep wisdom, soul, spirit, and truth.  I am deeply grateful for the paths we walked and will continue to walk together.     


To close our time together, we asked the students to write up a reflective poem of sorts, writing/words that held the essence of yoga and shared their values, perspectives, and vision of this life.  What unfolded is beauty, magic, poetry. With permission, I share some of these beautiful offerings with you below.      



Words from Missy Ayotte 

This, too, is Yoga.

All is an offering to experience.

All is an opportunity to connect.

All is data to collect. Study the data.

This, too, is Yoga.

Practice, practice, practice.

Practice with movement. Practice with stillness.

Practice with music. Practice with silence.

Practice with earth, water, fire, air, space.

Practice with tapas.

Practice with intention.

Practice with authenticity.

Practice, practice, practice.

Practice at home. Practice in the shala.

Practice and ALL is coming, inshallah.

Practice, and all is here.

Now, the practice of Yoga.

Remember, Missy, this, too, is Yoga.


Words from Sheila Sullivan 

May I Pause & Listen to my deep heart. 

May I Notice without judgement when I’ve lost my center.

May learn to Trust that my Inner Wisdom is waiting to Hold & Guide me, 

especially when I’m gripped by strong emotions.

May I encourage those around me to be their Authentic Selves, even when inconvenient for me.

May I remember to Back Off when stuck, and re-engage from a place of Wholeness. 

May I practice forgiveness with an Open Heart. 

May I Rest in Love. 

May I, Sheila, remember these truths again… and again… and again. 


The power of Intention

by Rita Monteiro Pierce

 To live with intention

To find peace and ease,

To find purpose within,

To smile with lips and eyes

And a vibrant inner light.

To be free to choose where I step each foot,

On this path that I carve,

This path that unfolds,

Knowing from the start,

It will bring me Home.

This learning to grow,

To see, to discover,

To remember who I was when this life started.

I hear you, I see you, I love you.

Thank you endlessly for every moment,

Vulnerable and awake.

Sweet lightness of being content.

Remember, Rita, life is expanding, life is giving, life is beautiful.

Lean into it and bring others along.



Bhakti Poem by Jamie McCatherin 

Only love is real, it is all encompassing.
Life’s divine play is its greatest truth.
It is a play which invites us to witness its own unfolding through each unique and beautiful moment.
So lean in my friend;
To the Light and the dark, the bliss and sorrow, jubilance, despair, love and fear.
Each one our greatest gift.
Likewise, the present moment is our greatest teacher; it is all we ever have.
Cultivate the courage, tenderness, and presence, to experience life as it is.
Embrace life! Feel, love, experience deeply and from a place of presence.
Remember Jamie, this is a path waking up to what already is. There is nothing to achieve or reach for.
This precious journey is one not just of letting go, but also letting be. It is an offering to dwell in the present moment, to surrender into life’s miraculous and mysterious divinity, to love itself; Nothing more, nothing less. 

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