There is a natural draw in all living things to pulse, to breathe, to feel, to rise up with the light, and contract with the dark. For years I misunderstood the depth of the word expansion. Upward, rising, showy, optimistic, bright, bigger expression, A+ postures, advanced. The last decade of my life has really shown me that expansion is less about an outward display but more of an inward knowing and understanding. Expansion is about being comfortable standing in your own truth and power, about having discernment to choose what is right for your heart and in turn make steps to begin to repair and heal relations in the world. Expansion is about releasing a false pretense of who we are to be, and instead welcoming with vulnerability all our perfectly imperfect selves to be seen. Expansion is sitting with acceptance that we are “never not broken.”   

Expanding is recognizing that it takes a village to heal and to live a vibrant life of love and acceptance. Expanding is realizing that everything on this path is here for our awakening, if we can stand with willingness and welcome it all. Expanding is recognizing that we do not live in isolation, but intertwined with one another in a giant web of existence.  

May we all be willing to expand, for the health of our own hearts, for the love of our families, for the peace for our communities, for the honoring of our earth.  

“It took me a long time 

to create an earth

that would hold me

for all that i am

a world i felt safe

to release the armor

of pretending

that was keeping

my truest light

from being seen

or touched

for every layer

i peeled back

was met with

fear + resistance

but as i continued

to turn inward

the stories 

began to burn

and fall 

from my body

it was there

underneath the confusion

i found

the beautiful mystery 

of forgiveness + belonging” – Danielle Doby 

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