By Fiona Clifford

Towards the end of a practice, the instructor guided us through Figure Four. As the pose challenged my tight hips, our instructor offered gentle encouragement: “Everything eventually unfolds.” Focusing on opening in harmony with breath also revealed the wisdom of this phrase.

Everything eventually unfolds.

The word unfold suggests a moment of struggle, confusion, discomfort. Why can’t I touch my toes? Why don’t I know all the “facts” about a certain situation? Why aren’t words filling this page in a satisfying way?

Unfolding hints that these moments will be followed with ease, enlightenment, release. Unfolding requires patience. Not to be confused with stagnation. Continue practicing. Keep stretching, seeking, writing. Don’t force it.

A balled-up piece of paper, carefully smoothed flat. An opening fist. The meticulous transformation from fiddlehead to fern. Unfolding suggests measured purpose, the inevitable. The sun will rise and set each day, the moon waxes and wanes each month. Tides extend and recede. These actions require hours, weeks to reach a peak – then simply reverse again. Lives pass to the next stage.

Everything eventually unfolds.

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