The Promise Of Spring

The promise of Spring can be seen in the brighter days and heard in the morning melodies of birds. The opportunity is here for us all to follow the rhythms of the earth and its rebirth; like a calling to evolve, the crocus is breaking through the dirt and rising again after a long cold winter.

We are gifted this wonderful opportunity to follow Mother Nature’s lead and really start anew with ourselves, our minds, our hearts. How will you step into this opportunity for growth, change, and natural evolution this Spring? As conscious beings, there is a call to wake up and live more intune with our desires. In this turn of season, may we gift ourselves the time, space, and attention to reflect on what it is we are truly wanting to become, bloom into, and be.

If nothing was stopping you to become your dream, be your dream, and become the best form of you, what would you become? What would you wish for? In the world that you wish to create and cultivate, what seeds would you choose for your harvest? What is stopping you from dreaming? A common response is fear. Fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of not belonging, and so on.

At what point do we start to create seperation, doubt, difference between ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world at large?

Meera Lee Patel explains that fear is a natural human condition that is developed over time. She states, “Like everyone, I came into this world without fear. I was born with no concepts of desire or consequence, only a deep hunger for newness and all five senses intact – to see, smell, hear, touch, taste – to experience as many things as possible in the hours after my eyes open and before they again close.”

Fear is part of the human condition. How we greet fear can have an impact on how it influences our life. There is a lot to be found in our culture of trying to vanish, rid, or conquer fear. Do crazy shit and lose your fear. The idea of ridding or conquering something that is a part of you feels like another form of not fully accepting all that is. Instead, the conversation I am steeped in lately has been along the lines of how can we begin to befriend, understand, and work with our fear. If given the opportunity, fear can reign. But, if we can learn to see fear as a friend, a teacher, a guide, and take fear along for a courageous ride to discover a self that is more vulnerable, more available, and more alive form of being, this to me is being alive. This is yoga. This is living with open arms the Lila of this lifetime. Fear is beautiful.

“Fear is not a consequence – it’s not a punishment we receive for doing something wrong or behaving badly. It is not something that we feel because we lack the strength to overcome it – in fact, fear isn’t an obstacle to overcome at all. Fear is a light that’s meant to guide us. It builds strength and provides sustenance. It has the ability to split us open like a knife does a pomegranate, spilling seeds of beauty and incredible possibility from the inside.” – Meera Lee Patel



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