The Journey Home

Several of us at Lila are embarking on international traveling adventures next week, some to practice yoga and surf in tropical Costa Rica, and others (OK, just me) to explore the wet, lush landscape of Ireland. While I am so excited for my trip, I also know how good it’s going to feel to come home again after being away. Though this is not a yoga retreat for me, it is still a chance to practice being at my most authentic while experiencing a different culture, to remain calm when things don’t go as planned (I’ll be with a five-year-old, after all), or to come back to myself again and again when chaos and change unground me.

Yoga is a journey home again, to that place where you feel most connected, most aware, and most joyful. There is so much about our modern world that is overstimulating, instantaneous, and demanding. Whether it’s a career path, raising a family, owning a home, or travel, there is always something that takes us outside of ourselves. But you can always go back in.
Your mat is one place that can feel like a home, with your down dog hand and foot prints, a safe space to explore, to unwind. Your asana practice can look or feel different every day, but it is always yours. Your mat may live on the shelves in our back room at the studio, but you own it. Whether you join us for class every day, or if we haven’t seen you in a couple of months, you are always welcome back home to your mat in our space. When you sit on your block and center, finding your Sitz bones and your breath, find that place within yourself that is safe, that is you.
I can’t wait to leave for a few days and take my family with me to a magical new place. But I always get to come home again.
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