Teacher Feature: Taylor Owen (McFarlane)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.28.39 PMHow did you find your way to yoga and then to teaching?

When 17 years of competitive swimming came to an end, I needed something to replace my workouts (and my swimmer shoulders).  I had no yoga mat, no stretchy pants, and no clue what I was getting into. The first few times on a mat I was underwhelmed, but excited about headstands.  I stayed committed because I felt challenged and soon signed up for a teacher training.

When I sat as a student before Mitchel and Tracy Bleier, on day one of teacher training, an undeniable spark ignited in my heart and I knew I was doing something unbelievably special. I had found remarkable company. Their message was humbling, profound, and encouraging and their practice was mesmerizing.  I immersed myself in three years of studying yoga and creating a design business before I found the courage to begin teaching; but once I stepped into the seat of the teacher, the practice shifted dramatically. As a teacher, I felt more a student than I ever had, ironically.

What is your practice like off the mat? How do you live your yoga?

I would say that the majority of the practice I do takes place off of my mat.  My time on my mat is really my time to put in the most challenging work; to test myself and be in observance of my tendancies, reactions and boundaries.  I try to put in as much of the hard work there only so that my experiences off that mat can pull from that work and be easier.

Every day I seek to learn, and celebrate innovation. I will usually doubt myself before I am inspired to believe in myself, and that’s a big part of my practice off the mat and in my every day.  I consciously pull together the pieces of this world that light me up, and create a life that I am excited to wake up to every morning.  I make the choice daily to fall in love.

What is your favorite thing about the Lila yoga community?

I mean…where do I start?  It’s the love, it’s the brains, it’s the beauty, it’s the brilliance, it’s the heart, it’s the the combination of everything.  There is an infectious warmth and love that has seeded itself deep into the walls of the beautiful space.  There is profound exploration that takes place there every day and the community is filled with students and teachers who live whole heartedly with a desire to share and grow together.

Which pose is your “asana nemesis,” the one you loathe, but should probably be doing more?

I can’t say that I have one.  Part of the fascination of the practice to me is the abilty to learn or to surprise myself by trying new things.  Finding myself in a place that I’ve never been before, and observing my body or my mind’s response.  Whether it’s a completely new pose, or holding a pose that I’ve done before, only for longer…there is always something informative that comes from the exploration of new terrirory.  I’m curious in the evolution of my self and by body through a continual practice…all poses included!

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