Teacher Feature: Sarah Whitridge

1. How would you describe yoga?

A tool for navigating life.

2. How did you find your way to yoga?

My father died when I was 14 and at that time my mum went to a meditation healing center near my home in the UK. As well as healing practices and meditation I was introduced to yoga. These modalities were the first step on a path of healing for me though at that time I wasn’t really aware of it! Later, it was my mama again who took me to my first Ashtanga yoga class in Glastonbury, UK when I was age 17. So, yeh, I credit my mama here all the way.

3. Who is your primary teacher right now?

I’m studying with Rochelle Schieck and various other incredible female mentors in a women’s intuitive movement practice called Qoya and the idea of Qoya is that through movement you re-remember your own wisdom, wildness and freedom. So I’m exploring the idea that my teacher is my own body’s wisdom. It’s been really interesting making decisions for almost everything based on what my body is telling me. It’s a slow process to recognise the subtleties and I do get rather impatient! It really is a practice. It’s like tuning a radio. It’s nothing new though right?. Women just do this naturally but we’ve forgotten that we have the ability to do it with so many external factors influencing us in modern society.

4. What inspires you to keep teaching?

If I notice, feel or discover something in my own body I want to share it. But I also like to learn what others feel too. The spark in co-creation is very motivating.

5. What is your practice like off the mat? How would you say you live your yoga?

Seeing the divine in EVERYTHING. I’m spiritually outing myself!

6. Do you have a routine or ritualistic way to starting each day? If so, please describe.

Version 1. When I wake up before my kids ~ Teeth, scrape tongue, ablutions, warm water (thank you Ayurveda), light a candle at my alter, connect with my guides, meditate, draw an oracle card, move.

Version 2. HIGH SPEED version ~ when the kids are up with me at sunrise. Light a candle, take a breath and say hi, thanks very much, jolly lovely to be on the earth, thank you for holding me, blow out candle.

The nugget for me is learning to be ok with both versions!

7. What are some non-negotiables you have in your life right now to maintain balance and health in everyday living?

All the good stuff; laughing and crying out loud, scheduling in alone time to breathe and say mantra and check in to how I’m feeling (even for 5 mins!) , making space for spontaneity – we’ve been experimenting with ‘no-plan’ Sunday, growing our own vegetables and herbs ~ I have generations of enthusiastic female gardeners to honour, planning adventures, evening baths or saunas, seasonal supplements, sharing a walk or tea with a dear friend (there are SO many here in Maine), moving my body to one song a day (drawn from Qoya), connecting with the ocean in any weather, trying my best to be intentional with my children, trying my best to be a kind human, staying curious and teachable, connecting with the divine.

8. What draws you to the Lila community?

All the curious, gorgeous souls I’ve met.

9. If you would suggest one book to the community to read as an opportunity to deepen their learning on life, yoga, and all things, what would it be?

Crumbs. I’m going to suggest more than one…..sorry.

‘Sacred Instructions’ by Sherri Mitchell
‘Belonging’ by Toko-pa Turner
‘Wild Feminine’ by Tami Lynn Kent
‘Witch’ by Lisa Lister
‘Outrageous Openness’ by Tosha Silver

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