Teacher Feature: Jamie Worster

jamieHow did you find your way to yoga?
I was living in Colorado when a friend shared that yoga had improved her downhill skiing. I started attending classes at a local recreation center to stretch, strengthen and build endurance so I could spend more time on the ski mountain.

It was a few years later, during an emotionally challenging time, that I landed fully on the path of yoga. I was living on Munjoy Hill and would walk to The Yoga Exchange for classes. On my walks home I felt so much better – and not only in my body. Soon, I realized it wasn’t just these moments after class. I noticed that overall I was feeling more ease, more relaxed and calm. I felt happier. I knew that it was the yoga.

What is your practice like off the mat? How do you live your yoga?
I am constantly refining my approach to my yoga practice and to life. I am reinvesting in my study of Ayurveda (the off the mat component of yoga) and Daily Routine, Dinacharya. The refinement of our Daily Routine is the most available and transformational commitment we can make to our health. Already I am experiencing the impact of small changes made over time in my daily routine. I am taking, not only my asana practice, but my health and life to a whole new level of vibrancy and depth.

I live my yoga off my mat by offering my insights and experience to educate, inspire and empower my students both on and off their mats. I have figured out how to age in a way that is much more graceful, where I am growing wiser and connected not only to myself but in my relationships everyday. I want every person to be able to experience this. I am committed to supporting the community at Lila and in the Southern Maine area to step into more meaningful relationships and this is my way of having the largest impact possible. You can learn more at www.jamielynnworster.com

What is your favorite thing about the Lila yoga community?
Lila is like a second home to me. The vibe is welcoming, friendly and playful. The physical space at Lila is a beautiful container for our daily practice (Sadhana) and self study (Svadhyaya). The real power lies in all of Lila’s dedicated students and teachers. It’s this co-creative community which propels all of us on our individual paths collectively. It’s intoxicating when we come together consciously with purpose. Extraordinary transformations can occur, leaving no one unaffected.

Which pose is your “asana nemesis,” the one you loathe, but should probably be doing more?
Warrior II. It is such a humbling pose for me. Ooh-la-la- my hips are usually squawking at me 3 seconds into it! There is so much going on in the pose for me. It takes courage and focus to deal with life’s challenging moments on and off our mat. Practicing Warrior II helps me to remember that we all need to open our own hips and that it’s not always easy, but with patience, dedication and self compassion it slowly happens over time. Although it is not asana, spending more time on my cushion is always a growing edge for me.

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