Teacher Feature: Elizabeth April

1. How would you describe yoga?

I would describe yoga as a navigation tool through the ebbs and flows of the asana practice, as well as off the mat. It is a practice that always draws steadiness, ease, and awareness.

2. How did you find your way to yoga?

I found my way to a studio, like most in their early 20’s, in search of another way to “work out.” It became so much more of course.

3. Who is your primary teacher right now?

Genell @ Lila and Annie Carpenter via YogaGlo

4. What inspires you to keep teaching?

The never ending learning opportunities and the students that always show up open to learning and practicing.

5. What is your practice life off the mat?

My children, I always say they are my yoga. The teach me to look inward everyday. They challenge me to stay steady. How would you say you live your yoga? By practicing meeting all with love and sameness, by reflecting and looking inward. And by just showing up within myself over and over.

6. Do you have a routine or ritualistic way to starting each day? If so, please describe.

I try to get up before my kiddos and do a small meditation and journal while I have my coffee. I’ve recently have been gifted a harmonium. Once they are up I play a bit with them.

7. What are some non-negotiables you have in your life right now to maintain balance and health in everyday living?

My practice. Either meditation or asana practice daily.

7. What draws you to the Lila community?

The students and teachers dedication to the practice. It’s beautiful to be around!

8. If you would suggest one book to the community to read as an opportunity to deepen their learning on life, yoga, and all things, what would it be?

Always my starter is The Four Agreements. I have it around always to refer back to and for reminder. It’s simple in context but wonderful tools to carry with you.

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