Surrender to The Journey

The kids are back in school. The tourists are gone. The nights are cooler. It’s almost fall, that time of year after the majesty of summer and before the insular peace of winter. In Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, each season is represented by a different dosha, or mind/body constitution—except fall. This is an in-between time. And it is during these intervals that we have the greatest capacity for transformation.

We’ve all felt that harmony of body and breath while moving from one asana to the next on our mats. And you’ve probably also felt your legs shake, your breath come in ragged gasps, and your energy lag. But it’s during that time between poses when the true evolution occurs. What if you argued with your boss or your car wouldn’t start? Then those transitions can feel like disruptions, like upheavals.

And it’s at those times, when you can look around the room at the support of this yoga community, at other people with their own struggles and their own stories, and feel held. Then you can move it through. Then you can let it go.

It is in this letting go of attachment to the outcome that you surrender yourself to the journey.

Whether it’s fluid and unified or disjointed and difficult, yoga is about the journey. Even if you’ve moved from upward dog to downward dog a thousand times, there is the opportunity to go into the pose a different way or move more deeply into it, even if the asana is essentially the same. So what if you had to skip urdhva dhanurasana because your wrist is bothering you? There’s always tomorrow. Or next week. Or never.

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