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Our intimate space offers a place of practice, reflection, and connection for the Portland community and beyond.  The physical space creates the container for all of this to transpire.  The earthy qualities of the brick, wood, and sky painted tin roofs welcomes a feeling of landing, grounding, and ease.  The community of yogis that fill the space are equally as unique and creative.  Together we move, reflect, ground, and exist.


“There is an intimacy to the community that feels amazingly supportive and nonjudgmental. I have come to know a few fellow yogis outside the studio, but many I just see on the mat and still consider friends.” – Lauren

“When I stepped into Lila I felt an immediate sense of place, presence and belonging.  I knew that this is where I wanted to practice and grow in my practice.  All of the instructors I have encountered have inspired me and my practice in different ways which I enjoy.  I tell my students, there is not one teacher that helps your learning, there are many.  This is what I experience at Lila.” – Martha

“The Lila community is my home away from home. Lila is a beautiful, inviting, welcoming sacred space that resonates with palpable, heartfelt, positive energy. I love the mix of ages who come together to practice in community, the people who pass through the studio, regulars and visitors. I am grateful for the array of “away teacher workshops” that Lila hosts. Lila embodies and aligns with the vision and values that guide me.” – Dd