Student Highlight: Margo Keeley

margoHow would you describe yoga?

Yoga is my saving grace.

It has kept me healthy, happy, and vibrant for the last twenty years.

How would you describe yoga?

I turned to yoga when I realized weight training, and various forms of aerobic exercise, popular at the time, were not what my body desired.

What are the ways your asana practice serves your everyday life, your family, your work, your community?

My yoga practice rewards me with the ability to be a dedicated wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend to everyone in my life.

What draws you to the Lila community?

As a Portland native, I have tried several different studios and have stayed at Lila since Genell’s acquisition.

What inspires you to keep practicing?

The brick, wood, and glass make Lila an aesthetically inviting place to lay down a mat and awaken the senses, move the body, and calm the mind. I am also drawn to Lila because of the diverse group of instructors, and the variety of class offerings, both gentle and challenging.

Lila is my church.

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