Student Feature: Matthew Day

1. How would you describe yoga?

The more I learn about yoga the less I’m able to describe it. I find the history and methodology of it fascinating, but for me it’s mostly about learning how to be fully in my body while at the same time quieting my mind, whether it’s on or off the yoga mat.

2. How did you find your way to yoga?

A few years ago I felt a need to make some changes in order to live a more healthy and extended life. I’d spent most of my life living in my head and not really taking care of my body. One day I had a kind of somatic epiphany while lying on my living room floor. My body told me it wanted to do “yoga.” So the next morning I went to my very first yoga class, Genell’s “Foundations,” to give it a try. Thankfully she had the patience, skill and humor to make me want to come back.

3. What are the ways your asana practice serves your everyday life, your family, your work, your community?

I practice at home most every morning and go to classes at least a couple times a week. Over time this has helped to bring more stability and satisfaction to my life. I feel better equipped to deal with whatever comes my way. Yoga provides a sense of “home” for me, no matter how wacky the world gets. It also makes me less ego-driven and more heart-driven, which I’m sure is beneficial to everyone around me.

4. What draws you to the Lila community?

There is a special sense of jollity and playfulness that permeates the room at Lila. Practicing there feels safe and fun. I like how students are encouraged to talk to each other and to laugh. There’s a sense of mutual support between everyone. At the same time there is a proper dose of seriousness. The teachers are all down-to-earth and very good at what they do.

5. What inspires you to keep practicing?

Yoga is challenging to me on many levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. It teaches me that there is a vast, beautiful world beyond the limited scope of my mind. This makes life so much more interesting.

6. What would your ideal yoga class look like, feel like, and be like?

I like how every class at Lila is different in some way. I’m not sure what the ideal class would look like, but it would feel like we are all accepting, connecting, and supportive of each other in actualizing our fullest potentials. And thankfully, at Lila, that is usually how it is.

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