Student Feature: Adam Lyon

1. How would you describe yoga?

For me, yoga is a way to slow down and focus my attention without needing to have a final goal or deadline to worry about.

It makes me aware of all the things I can and can’t do.

2. How did you find your way to yoga?

I had been riding my bicycle a lot and realized that it couldn’t be my only form of exercise. Bicycling doesn’t develop strength or flexibility and leaves entire sections of my body feeling unused. I wanted to find a more holistic, complementary activity. Lila was the first studio I visited. I started during Skye’s beginner series and immediately felt that it was the type of activity I needed.

Eventually, I tried the yin classes and found an even better complement to my bicycling (and even to my current yoga practice).

3. What are the ways your asana practice serves your everyday life, your family, your work, your community?

It offers me an engaged way to end my workdays and allows me to begin the weekends with more focus and energy.

4. What draws you to the Lila community?

Every teacher brings their own emphasis and perspective, and I’m always surprised to discover how much I enjoy learning from each one. Although I won’t say whose playlist I most prefer…

5. What inspires you to keep practicing?

Yoga’s ability to keep me engaged and feeling centered is something that I am relying on more and more.

6. What would your ideal yoga class look like, feel like, and be like?

It begins by leaving my apartment with enough time to take a casual walk down to the studio. It’s a deliberate, methodical flow or yin class that lets me focus on each individual move and keep my eyes closed.

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