Spirits of Summer

I flipped my calendar page this morning from July to August, and a wave of urgency to “get after it” rushed through my mind. Summertime in Maine is so sweet, and so short! It is hard to believe that June and July both have come and gone. Right after the wave of slight overwhelm, I took a deep breath and made a silent agreement that “now is the time.” My husband reminded me that some of the warmest and best summer days are yet to come. Yes! Summer is still here and I look forward to being fully awake for the days ahead to continue to make it the best summer yet.

Taylor and I are offering up a workshop at the end of this month that would be a sure fire way for you to keep the spirits of summer time high (here is what comes to mind for “spirits of summer” = carefree, celebratory, community, sunshine, warmth, and feeling awesome in body). We are offering a 2-hour workshop on how to safely, playfully, and lovingly turn yourself upside down on your own two hands. For some this is a no brainer why you would want to do this, beyond the various health benefits, inversions can be downright fun. But, for some, this may sound like a terrible idea, one that invokes fear, pain, and perhaps even negative self talk such as “I am not strong enough, … flexible enough, … yogi enough, … (insert your own self depreciating dialog). Tony Robbins once said, “Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and impossible and what we can and cannot do. They shape every feeling that we experience. As a result, changing our belief system is central to making any real and lasting changes in our lives.”

I like to think of asana practice as a safe platform to begin to sculpt new belief systems; understanding you are enough and much more, you are extraordinary and deserve to feel how great it can feel to willingly tip your whole world upside down, or what ever other challenging pose you may come across.

One of my teachers, Elena Brower, once said, “we have our 1st nature which is to doubt and to fear… then we have our 2nd nature which we are building in our practice…” On our mats we are moving truthfully in our bodies to build more pathways to trust, lean into, and grow within our minds, our bodies and our hearts so that we can step deeper into connection with ourselves, the community, and the community at large, the “universe.” Fear and doubt, on the other hand, are contractive in essence and in form, they both interrupt our connection to experience a fuller breath or deeper connection to the world around.

Through building more trust and confidence in our bodies on our mats, we can begin to take what is not comfortable, do it over and over until it becomes 1st nature. We become confident in what was once new and uncomfortable. “Fluency is confidence.” What would shift for you in your life if you showed up more confidently in all relationships: your relationship with your own vision, your relationship to time, money, power, and love.

Whether you join us for our weekly classes and work up a good summer sweat, or join us for the inversion workshop, our hope is that you find a way to continue to develop your 2nd nature; shifting from instincts of fear and doubt, to embrace more fully your extraordinary greatness. This life is too short to settle for any lesser version of your self and world around.

To the grand nature that resides in each one of you and living up these last weeks of full on summer in Maine (or wherever you happen to be reading this).


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