Reflections and Resolutions

As we near the transition to the New Year, it provides us all with a time to reset, restart, and revolutionize the way we live our lives.  How can we live more consciously to better take care of ourselves, those around us, and the natural world that constantly provides for us.  When we reflect on how we can live our precious lives more fully, we can consciously make steps moving forward to embrace a fuller, brighter, and more fulfilling life.

Be it drinking more water, being more compassionate to yourself or others, sleeping more, or whatever the intentions may be for the new year discover how the practice of yoga can help you stay committed to your goals.  Each asana (yoga pose) provides an opportunity to set an intention, fully apply yourself, and externally express an internal intention.  The pose takes form from the heart of your own intention.

Try it in your own practice.  As you move through your practice just ask yourself how is it you are applying yourself?  Are you listening to your body?  Are you connected to your breath?  As you listening in a way that is best serving your body?  What happens if you commit to being fully present in mind, body, heart in your practice?  Can you see it reflected in your pose?

As a teacher, I can look around the room and read the various levels of personal commitment in front of me.  The way someone holds themselves in their pose says a lot about their attitude.  I am not talking about whether or not someone can “master” the pose, but, rather, whether someone can come into a simple pose and make it their most beautiful offering.  A pose where their whole body is beaming with connection, their pose screaming out loud “I AM ALIVE.”

I have found in my own practice that the more I listen and apply myself appropriately, it begins to resonate deep in my body, in my mind, and my spirit.  It becomes a part of me and as a result my interactions after being on my mat hold a similar commitment.  How can what you learn in your own body on your mat be a lesson for how you move off your mat?

We all hope to see you on your mats this new year sharing and reflecting on living more consciously.

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