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Are you ready to awaken into your RADIANT LIFE?

Our culture has lulled us into believing we are separate from this wild ecosystem from which we have evolved. We have become drastically out of sync with nature’s cues and biological rhythms. We have even lost our ability to deeply know and connect to our own bodies. Jamie Lynn Worster, Liz Strawbridge, and myself, Genell Huston, are so excited to join forces to awaken our community to our innate wisdom and capacity to thrive. Can we open our eyes to simple practices that allow us to remember how to have and care for our bodies? Can we tune our rhythms back in nature’s cycles that promote our optimal functioning? Can we re-awaken our sensory systems to gather subtle information from our surroundings to live more deeply and intentionally?

A South African tracker wisely wrote: “Know your truth, stick to the process, and be free of the outcome.” We will help you reconnect to your truth. We will help you reconnect to your truth. We will share with you our process: providing the guidelines for 10 simple habits to resynchronize your body and spirit with nature. You don’t need to concern yourself with the outcome because by knowing your truth and sticking to the process, you will awaken to the flow of LIFE that has been inside you all along.

The “process” involves 10 new Ayurvedic-based habits over 10 weeks that will create the container for you to thrive. Jamie, Genell and I will guide you through each habit over weekly live zoom calls. To help you navigate the unhealthy “norms” of our dominant culture, we will create a virtual and live community hub where you can find support on your journey. In addition to multiple online resources, you will also have the opportunity for one-on-one laser coaching calls to help work through challenges.

Jamie, Liz, and I I will hold a safe environment for you to show up just as you are and support your transformation. The course starts January 30th.

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