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Course Description:

This is Living is a 10 week course that explores 10 specific habits that thread in Ayurvedic living, science, yoga, integrative health practices and habit evolution. This is journey that welcomes an upgrade to your health, habits, and relationships in real-time. What, when and how we apply specific practices in our lives is key to shifting how we feel. This is aligning with nature. When we align, we thrive. When we are out of alignment, we suffer. When we thrive, we feel confident, alive and connected. When we align our habits with our deepest desires for health, connectivity and overall vibrancy, it has a ripple effect.

Liz and Genell will guide you through each habit over weekly live zoom calls. To help you navigate the unhealthy “norms” of our dominant culture, we will create a virtual and live community hub where you can find support on your journey. In addition to multiple online resources, you will also have the opportunity for one-on-one laser coaching calls to help work through challenges and celebrate successes. You get to work at your own pace with lots of support and guidance. For many of us, these healthy habits may not always be modeled by the people we see and interact with
on a daily basis, so being in a group of like-minded, committed individuals is key for creating the capacity for a true wellness shift.

The course can help you step into becoming more vibrant, alive, and awake in your senses, being and all relations.

  • Have you often wondered how to feel more energized and better rested in your day?
  • Ever wished you could expand time?
  • Have you felt unsure of what to eat, when, and how to allow your gut to feel more at ease and functioning optimally?
  • Are there things in your life you wish you were doing but have not set out to do them?
  • Do you ever feel out of sync with nature and what is happening in your environment?
  • Do you crave having a clearer mind and conscious?
  • Do you desire optimal health?
  • Do you long for a sense of belonging?
  • Do you want to be in sweeter relation with your body?

If you answered yes to any one of these, this course is for you! Small shifts in your daily living can make big shifts in your life.

This life affirming course will help you:

  • Take better care of yourself and those you love
  • Eat a healthier diet of delicious, nourishing foods
  • Sleep more, rest deeply and have more energy
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a more grounded way
  • Feel lighter and more physically radiant
  • Expand your community of health conscious support accountability
  • Live in greater harmony with nature
  • Learn and refine skills and tools for a lifetime

Join Genell, and Liz as they guide you towards greater ease for yourself and your family. You’ll need a desire for change and growth with a willingness to to start from where you are.

• Weekly downloadable This is Living lessons. These lessons are pre-recorded and can be accessed at your convenience on our members only web page. Each week we dive into a new habit. Over the course of the 10 weeks, you will see improvements in your sleep, your diet, your exercise routine, stress management and more.

• Additional videos and resources, journal prompts, etc for implementing each week’s lessons and practices. Each week we will share the what, why and how to implement the new practice in your daily life to help you put the new habit into practice in your life.

• Weekly live group coaching via Zoom. We meet live once a week, if you cannot attend for some reason these calls are recorded. These calls a place to clarify, ask questions and receive support from Genell and Liz and from the other participants.

• Weekly email to clarify, encourage and support your journey.

• Additional yoga and Ayurvedic resources. Links to PDFs, articles, audio and video content to support your wellness journey

• Interactive community support. You will get access to a private Facebook group only for This is Living members. Here you can ask questions, receive answers, get support from myself and your peers.

• Accountability structures. This course has several built in accountability structures, one of which is choosing of an accountability partner, someone in the course with whom you establish a relationship of support and responsiveness.

• One on one coaching sessions. There will be special additional calls during our program where you sign up to receive one-on -one support. We’ll show up and listen to you, and offer suggestions. Together we’ll clarify the next steps to help you step deeper into your path and knowing.

We meet via ZOOM video conferencing to, learn, plan, reflect, and share obstacles, setbacks and successes from the week relative to the habit of the week, our mindset and life itself. We gain momentum each week from connecting around our successes and obstacles. You receive one on one and group laser coaching. Each week a different habit is presented using habit science and accountability techniques to guide your progress. There are 10 habits. All calls are recorded for future listening and the creation of your own resource library you can download to your personal library.

Week 1: Meal times. Optimize energy, sleep, body weight, and digestion and learn how to streamline meals times

Week 2: Evening rituals. Create an effective bedtime routine to enjoy relaxed, joyful evenings and blissful sleep

Week 3: Mindful Mornings. Instill the best morning practices for regular elimination and optimistic mindset

Week 4: Daily Movement. Create a daily exercise program you love that fits with your current time constraints

Week 5: Plant-Based Diet. Improve your diet with more seasonal and nutrient dense food and understanding the energetic effects of our food

Week 6: Self-Massage. Cultivate self-love and learn to heal your body with your hands

Week 7: Sitting in Silence. Develop a daily mental hygiene practice of sitting in silence – more being, less doing

Week 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines. Learn the “how” of eating to maximize absorption and digestion to improve gut health

Week 9: Sense Organ Care. Learn the Ayurveda practices to take care of and increase the longevity of your senses

Week 10: Easeful Living. Shift your orientation to life from stress to ease. Learn how to live in a more grounded and peaceful relationship to life

Details on investment and start dates TBA.

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Email for more information and to schedule your free discovery session, to see if This is Living is for you. There’s no obligation, you have nothing to lose, and even if you decide that the program isn’t for you, you’ll still get a lot out of the session.

Tell Us About Yourself. Schedule a call with Genell or Liz to see if you are a fit for the course. Or, maybe you know you are ready to make a shift now! If so, fill out the Course Interest Form and enroll in the course here.

Many of us have a hard time reaching out for help and support, so we want to make this process as easy and clear as possible. We consider you getting this far is a sign you are yearning for something new, so be sure to congratulate yourself. We are here to answer any questions and welcome all feedback.

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