May We All Be Teachable

It was a balmy summer day, I was sitting outside, comfortably tucked under the shade of a tree with a dear friend discussing dreams, ways of sharing, and visions of collaboration. At one point in conversation she stated,

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

This simple statement is so profound. We are constantly, daily, every moment, exposed to offerings to learn. The question then becomes, are we ready to receive the teachings? The more I steep myself in the practices of conscious living and being, i.e. living yoga, I begin to notice and see more and more the teachers that are coming my way to help me better see and experience the world with truth. The sun rise, reminding me that nothing is stagnant and always shifting and reminding me of the immense power and beauty of Mother Nature. My son’s seemingly annoying toddler spats reminding me to pay attention to what is really important and to turn off my phone. A dear friend looking into my eyes showing me the power of connection and true seeing. A blade of grass showing me the power of resilience and rising up. A traffic jam reminding me to slow down and have patience. A biker passing me on what was intended to be a mellow morning bike ride, then turned into an inner battle to keep up; the biker as teacher to show me my ego in full force.

Everywhere and in everything there are teachers… may we be teachable, may we be brave enough to say, “I don’t know,” may we be vulnerable enough to allow ourselves to truly connect with one another so that we may begin to know. May we recognize that we are always a student, and so is everyone on this journey of living in the process of knowing and growing.

Have you ever been in a yoga class, and felt like the teacher was speaking directly to you? The messages in yoga are universal; the messages in yoga link us into knowing our essential nature, this universe, and the pulsation that is constantly at play in our lives. Since we are all apart of this living cosmos together, these teachings therefore are exactly for you… and for your neighbor… and for their neighbor… and for those who are not even in the room. Yoga is the universal language of connectivity, of understanding, of inquiry. For that, yoga has become the catalyst for me to dig deeper into this life and take in its raw beauty, its powerful dance of joy, pain, sorrow, and love. Yoga is an embrace to live with intention.

The teachers who I find myself most drawn to learn from are those who willingly admit they do not know. Those who continue to seek, to learn, and hunger to grow their understanding of this amazing gift of life. For all of my teachers who have stood in front of me and showed me a true expression of themselves, their hearts, and their vulnerability, I am so grateful. Thank you.

Teaching, sharing, growing, and evolving is offered as daily practice and daily living. Coming to our mats offers a reminder, a redipping of the cloth into the philosophy and wisdom of yoga, a time to reflect, question, feel, and be. So come to your mat and be reminded of your studentship of this life. Come to your mat to feel into the extra-ordinary nature of your existence on this planet. Come to your mat to step deeper into knowing.

There are many ways this month and the months ahead to step deeper into your studentship at Lila, dig into our newsletter and check out all the amazing classes, workshops, and retreats coming up. If you are new to yoga, or you know someone who is, a new Beginner Series is starting up next month with Skye. If you love to read and knowledge comes to you from digging into a book, you will love the new addition coming to Lila… a Lending Library. Lila teachers plan to share books that have helped to inspire them on their path. Keep your eyes peeled for this coming soon to the back of the studio (where the yoga mat storage used to be). And… wait for it… Lila will be offering its very own Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hour Teacher Training in April of 2019. More details are listed below.

Who are your teachers? Are you in your life ready and willing to open up to new ideas, ways of thinking, and being?

May we all be teachable.



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