Lila Turns One…Two…THREE

IMG_0157As many of you may have learned from stories I have shared over the last couple of years, my greatest teachings these days come from the little man who stands knee high next to me, my own son. When reflecting on what it has meant to own a studio, with just a simple conversation, my son helped me to really feel and see just how honored I am to be in the seat of a teacher and studio owner. A couple days ago as I was gathering my things to head out the door, he was clamped to my leg, and asked:

“mama, where going”
I replied “I’m heading to work”
He replied “mama go do yoga”

And, all I could do was smile and reflect, yes, I am going to my work, which is yoga. We exchanged our goodbyes and he let me slide out without a tear. Driving into the studio, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky and proud I feel that my work is practicing, teaching, and living yoga. My job asks me to learn and teach how to move, act, and live skillfully in body, actions, and interactions. This is a job that I want to keep cultivating for myself, my family, and community.

In the years to come, I hope to continue to create a space where people feel at home; where practice deepens both physically, emotionally, spiritually; where people gather and share; where teachers are inspired and supported; where breakthroughs happen; where teachers from around the nation and world travel to share their teachings with the greater Portland community; and where love is continually cultivated for ourselves and each other.

Thanks to everyone who is reading this for your practice and sharing it with the Lila community. We truly have such a unique community at Lila and that is because of what you share.

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