Last week my family and I decided to wake before dawn and climb to the top of the nearby mountain to witness the rising of the sun.  We sat there on the mountain top, bundled up in sleeping bags to protect us from the crisp fall-like air, and witnessed the most gorgeous display of mother nature painting the canvas of the sky.  Vibrant hues of pink, orange, red, and even purple filled the skyline.  As the blazing ball of sunlight lifted heroically over the horizon, I couldn’t help but raise my arms in deep appreciation, awe inspiration, and adoration for the immense power, beauty, and splendor of the mother of all mother’s – Mother Nature.  Amongst all the chaos in our own lives, in our own communities, and in our own world, the sun still rises and seduces us all with its profound beauty.  No matter what the situation, Mother Nature still dances her magical delightful show of color, beauty, and mystique.  I raised my arms in exaltation, but, simultaneously inside I was bowing in deep humility, recognizing the pure power of nature and my part on the planet as just a small piece of a very big puzzle.  

I am grateful to witness this rising sun.  And, grateful that it led me to sink deeper into my own reflection on humility.  How do I see humility, what makes me feel humility, and what can humility bring into my life and others.  

Humility is a quality I admire in others.  The quality of humility keeps one’s pride and arrogance in check, and in its place creates an invitation for learning, growth, discovery, and connection.  Without humility our own ego and arrogance can lead us away from true learning, seeing, and connection.  We might get so stuck in the loop of feeling, knowing, and believing we are right, that we miss the greater message or connection or discovery.  Mother Nature is a great way for me to keep my ego and arrogance in check.  A while back, I remember being so caught up in a discourse with my husband that I completely missed the backdrop of a gorgeous full moon rising.  In my mind all I wanted to see was being right, being heard, and winning.  After what felt like hours of me trying to prove my point and hold steady, I realized I had not even looked up and around at what was happening around us.  Behind my husband was the giant glow, and perhaps even a hint of a smile, of a glorious full moon.  It stopped me in my own tracks, removed my blinders, and I humbly stepped off my platform and just paused.  The pause allowed for space, acceptance, and willingness to see another perspective and viewpoint.        

Humility is a quality that I deeply admire in others.  It keeps us open, inclusive, and available.  Humility is a quality that recognizes the real nature of human beings; we are human beings and  not invincible beings; we are beings living on this planet in this wild ride of life with imperfections and that is what makes us unique.  Humility to me does not mean lacking confidence, in fact you can be humble and confident.  But, what humility does offer is freeing ourselves from closing off deeper connection and understanding.      

Prior to watching sunrises on mountain tops with my boys, I spent a week with a group of yoga teachers who collectively shared with the quality of humility.  As teachers we all humbly agreed that we too are all students.  As students, we all humbly agreed that we do not have all the answers.  What this collective quality between us all created was a community of once strangers vulnerably coming together to ask hard questions, understand differing viewpoints, and step deep into connection and growth.  It was a powerful week together as community moving, being, and growing together.  

I see humility being such a big part of any teacher or student’s path and life.  If we can stay open to things shifting, in perspective of the bigger picture, and step out of our own righteous nature, then we allow space for us all to evolve and connect in a much more meaningful way.  

Humility is standing in mountain pose atop a mountain and feeling the immensity of the earth holding you steady and the vastness of the sky lifting you up.  Humility is being able to look a loved one in the eyes and say I am sorry.  Humility is a gateway to connectivity, creation, and evolution.  Humility is recognizing both your weaknesses and your strengths and allowing your whole self to walk, live, and become the best version of yourself through intuitive understanding, seeking support, and connection.  What is humility to you?

My blessing for us all is to find humility in the transition from summer to fall.  The transition into the Fall season is one that brings steady winds, cooler air comes in, and shorter, darker days.   Humbly bow to allowing for more grounding, allow space and time to slow things down from the heated, busy, long summer months.  What happens when you do humbly bow?  What happens when you don’t?  Often with you become disconnected to the flow of life and nature, it leads to irritability, disconnection, and dis-ease.  

Lila offers many ways for our community to all humbly step into this fall.  Be it stepping into your role as a beginner again in our Beginner Series, or recognizing it is time for a full body reset and Cleanse, or wanting to listen more deeply to the signs of mother nature through Ayurveda during the Vata season, or immersing yourself in a weekend of rest, rejuvenation, and connection on Hurricane Island, or just finding your way back to routine and regularity on your mat with our weekly classes… we want to help support you on your journey to knowing, being, and becoming.  

To all of you as students, teachers, learners, and dreamers, Namaste.

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