Honoring Uncertainty

by Chloe Wingerter

Thank you for this day of limitless possibilities.

Not knowing how things will turn out can be scary. Open me up to choose possibilities, optimism, and faith when jumping into a new situation instead of fear, failure, and a seemingly wrong turn. Convince me that while certainty brings safety, predictability, and security, it keeps me on the safe shores instead of experiencing the grit, magic, and transformation that occurs out in the rocky seas. Uncover the splendid reality that every experience, no matter how dark or light, will teach me a lesson that only makes my spine stronger and my heart softer. Highlight in bright yellow those lessons so that I don’t miss them.

When my chest gets tighter and mind starts racing when things don’t go as planned, hoped for, or expected, grant me forgiveness and allowance to ease into what is happening. Slow me down to a crawl to recognize the little microorganisms that are at play each and every day. The birds in the morning, the smile of a stranger, the hug of sunshine. Detach me from any one outcome, allowing space for a million other possibilities that I can’t even imagine to exist. Trust that the Universe has something so much more juicy coming my way. Lean into uncertainty, knowing that when things don’t go as planned, the universe has a bigger idea for you. Believe that the Universe is baking up a multi-grain caraway seeded bread for you, especially when you think you want classic wheat just because it is in front of you. Jog down your memory of when things didn’t go as you wanted to, but, in hindsight, you were led to something bigger no matter the trudge through mud that it took to get you there.

Make me acknowledge that uncertainty scares me because I am opening up myself to rejection, vulnerability, failure, and a fear of not being enough. When this happens, remind me over and over and over again that I am enough and hold superpowers beyond my wildest imaginations. When the seas do start to feel too rough, remember you have a life jacket in the shape of family, friends, and community who will never let you sink. However, don’t let that fear of the waves stop you from paddling out. Stand in your power that you can wake up every morning and have a choice. Shake my cells to see the thousands of possibilities that are swirling all around me, and not just the two that have kidnapped my mind.

Instead of fearing the unknown, just jump in. Dance, inquire, look, get loose, shimmy, and shake with this space of not knowing. Renarrate the story in your head from “I don’t know…” to “Let’s just see…”

Push me to paddle out to the rocky seas and let’s just see how I ride this wave.

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