Honoring the Change of Seasons

shadowsAs hard as it is to say goodbye to the summer months, the cool night air, the fresh and crisp local apples that are becoming readily available, cravings for soup, and the fading light are just a few of the things that help to make the transition all that easier.  For many of us, the summer light and air inspires us to be out and about, adventuring, moving from one thing to the next for every waking moment; leading a more active lifestyle.  Which, in turn, can leave us yearning for some quiet time and space inside, on the couch, next to a fire, just simply relaxing and unwinding.  Though September still is one of the most spectacular months in Maine to be out soaking in the great gifts of Mother Nature, the darker nights and mornings also present us with more opportunities for quiet, reflection, and simply rest.

Thankfully in Maine we are blessed to have the seasons naturally provide an opportunity and environment where we can make the choice to shift our physical, energetic and emotional outlets in a way to truly honors our whole self.  Following the cues of nature can lead us to embrace our full selves as a way of self-acceptance, restoring, and healing.  As it is not always sunny and warm year round in Maine, nor are we always able to go full speed ahead or we would just simply burn out.  The shift to more darkness and cooler weather provides us with an opportunity to sleep more, eat more warm and nourishing foods, and spend more time being quiet.  Year after year the universe gives us these cues that we can make the choice to follow.

Though, for most of us, we can not collect acorns and hibernate for the winter, we can shift to spending more time being aware of the present shifts nature is providing and in turn, listening deep to our own bodies on what it may truly need in this very time, day, and season.  Take the fall and winter months to rest, restore, and heal what may be an overworked and over played self.  As Deepak Chopra says “Healing is the remembrance of your wholeness.”  While the days will get shorter, and colder, the opportunity lies in the time to be more quiet, grounded, and rooted so that when the spring and summer sun does begin to shine again, we are fully restored and ready to fully bloom.

Enjoy these changing seasons.

*Additional things that make me excited about the Fall: the smell of dry leaves, the sound of people walking on dry leaves, squash soup, longer shadows, sweaters and jeans, clogs and boots, fires, drinking lots of tea, the smell of apple cider, potlucks, the quilted horizon of colorful leaves, hurricanes, waves, the list goes on…

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