Get busy living…

I am ever grateful for the friends that surround and inspire me to live a full life.  “Get busy living” has been coined as the saying of summer 2013 among us.  That usually is then followed up with us jumping off a boat into the frigid ocean, or packing up heaps of gear to make our way out to one of the many gorgeous Casco Bay Islands for a family adventure, or watching the full moon rise over the ocean horizon, or waking before the rising sun and hopping on our bikes.


Living it up w friends on Sand Island.

In those moments of pure adventure and inspiration we all share a similar feeling of being grateful for being alive on this earth.  Even if we are doing something that scares us or is hard, we welcome it with grace.  This is an embrace of the lila; the witnessing and being in the dance of life, as it is yoga; remembering the innate joy in everything.

Being active outside in the summer time is one of my favorite ways to step into this remembrance and to feel alive.  The senses get so bathed in experience from feeling the warm air on skin, smelling the fresh blossoms, seeing the morning light, bluebird skies, or afternoon thunderheads, and of course hearing all the sounds at the beach of children playing, boats humming, birds singing, waves crashing.

Summer Solstice moonrise.

Summer Solstice moonrise over Casco Bay horizon.

Since I know I thrive in being active outside in the summertime, I decided to put my name into the lottery for the Tri for the Cure.  I was one of the lucky women to be selected to participate.  On Sunday, July 21st, I will make my way down to the shores of Casco bay for an early morning swim… transition… a bike through the wetlands and coast of Cape… transition… and lastly a run around Bug Light.  I can only imagine I will feel quite alive before, during, and after this gathering of women, survivors and supporters.

What is special about this race, in particular, is that it is not just a race to say you did it.  But, an experience that

brings together people to collectively focus and spread support to those facing cancer in Maine.  The survivors line up at the start and head out first.  They are the ones leading the way… physically and metaphorically.

Summer Solstice sunset.

Summer Solstice sunset.

Between the hundreds of participants and equally as many spectators, the collective energy is one celebrating life.  It is a culmination of endless days of training, practice, courage, and presence.  My hope is that the efforts displayed on this day will be a blessing and inspiration to the many people, families, and friends facing any form of illness or sickness.  May it give them hope, desire and faith to keep embracing life, each moment, and each breath.

You can find out more information about the tri for a cure here: The proceeds from both

Saturday classes on June 29th & July 13th, will go to the Tri for the Cure fundraising efforts.  If you are interested in making an additional donation, check out my personal website to donate and find out more: There are many ways to volunteer, and hundreds of ways to cheer.


Whether it is an event, a moment with your child on the beach, a super sweet and juicey watermelon on a hot summer’s day, take them in for all they have to offer in that moment.  Wake up to the beauty in each second and be present to the unapologetic display the universe has to offer.  Get busy living.

What are you doing each and every day that inspires you to be living your life to its fullest? Big or small, perhaps there is something you can welcome into your daily life that reminds you of just how lucky we are to be here on this universe, with each other, with our own breath, and surrounded by such awe inspiring beauty in nature.

Someone got busy living at the beach... so much so that he was not able to make it back to his crib before crashing into nap land.

Someone got busy living at the beach… so much so that he was not able to make it back to his crib before crashing into nap land.


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