It’s that time of year when things begin to fall apart a bit. Mercury is in retrograde. A quarter of the way through the year you’ve either stuck with your New Year’s resolutions or you’ve fallen off the wagon. You know the magical Maine summer is just around the corner, and now is just, well, mud season.
I have had several conversations with students and other teachers over the past week about the restive quality of spring, and how routines and commitments can help to keep us grounded through this transitional season. Sometimes it’s as simple as signing up for classes in advance. Many of you know that all the classes at Lila are open to the public and that you are never required to sign up to reserve your spot, but one student told me that she loves looking at her Lila schedule for the week and knowing that she’s going to those classes. Her name is already on the roster. She’s committed. It’s right there in print.
But others consider commitment akin to responsibility, and that can make yoga seem like yet another thing you have to do. So I like to think of my yoga practice as devotion rather than commitment. Devotion brings to mind passion, intention, wonder, and love. I have been practicing yoga for sixteen years and teaching for nearly ten, and I am still in awe of what I have yet to learn about myself, the teachings, and the connectivity of it all. Even after all this time, I am devoted.
Devotion is also a choice. Commitment is often not. You choose to practice yoga. You are committed to paying your property taxes. When you choose to devote yourself to something that’s good for you, or something that makes you feel whole, it becomes your own. And you can make your yoga practice whatever you want, but you choose to include Lila, and you choose to keep coming, and we are just as devoted to you as you are to us. So thank you.
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