Costa Rica & Surf Retreat

This March I will be teaching at the beautiful and pristine open air studio of Encanta La Vida for Tula Retreats Yoga and Surf getaway.  This is going to be quite the getaway.  If you do not have plans for the last week of March yet… join us for this incredible adventure.

yoga studio in CRFor nearly a decade my husband and I have been venturing down to Costa Rica as a bit of a reprieve from the cold Maine winters and an opportunity to check out warm water surfing.  Surfing in Maine is quite hardcore, especially in the winter when water temps drop to near freezing, the wetsuits round out near 5mm of rubber, and includes the addition of adding on gloves and booties.  It is quite spectacular to surf in Maine, but, something about a no wetsuit surf session is quite special.

The first time we landed in Costa Rica it became quite clear we would continue to go back year after year.  The moment we landed the warm air eveloped us and softened our shoulders, the community welcomed us with open arms, the food kept us healthy and tastebuds fully entertained (nothing like eating ripe bananas and mangos right from the tree!).  The water temp for surfing or just swimming is incredibly inviting, average temp resting around 85 degrees.  Needless to say, we are both thrilled to be heading back there again this year.  To make it even better, this year I will be sharing my practice and teaching as well as surfing and relaxing in this beautiful haven.

smaller surf matapaloIf you have been dreaming about learning how to surf, this is a fantastic place to try it out.  The water temp is nearly 85 degrees and the pleasant pealing waves make it quite doable and enjoyable to ride your first wave.

And, likewise, if you have been surfing for a while and are looking for great tropical waves to shred on, this is it.  There are a series of point breaks up and down the coast, from mild to super spicy.
yoga CR w studentsIf surfing is not what you are looking or hoping for, there are many other options to explore, play, relax and just live it up in this beautiful sanctuary.  I will offer two yoga classes a day, morning and evening, in a beautiful open air studio with the noises of the jungle and ocean waves filling the airwaves.


big surf matapaloMatapalo is on the boarder of one of the most spectacular national parks in the country, Corcovado National Park.  National Geographic has called it “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity”.

Looking to rest, relax, try out a new adventure, dedicate a week to your yoga practice, enjoy time with friends and family… join us for this great adventure.  To save your space please be in touch with Julia at Tula Retreats.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions as well.

To future travels and adventures together.

Genell Huston
Studio Owner, Lila East End Yoga

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