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Lila’s classes offer a supportive, non-competitive, and creative environment that combines clear and refined instructions with balanced and intentional sequences. Our teachers instruct with authenticity and come with a variety of rich yoga traditions. There are no set sequences, allowing space for the teachings to ebb and flow with the natural rhythms in nature be it the time of the day, the seasons, or the cultural climate. We welcome, encourage, and guide all levels of students to listen to their own inner wisdom and move and practice from a place of intuition and knowing.

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Lila’s weekly class schedule includes the following class offerings:


Our Foundations class is for beginner and ongoing students who would like to focus on refining basic postures and breath work while building strength, flexibility, and awareness. In this class you will learn intelligent alignment in the basic foundational postures. From this foundation, you will learn to cultivate both inner and outer expansiveness, and find the joy in movement. We believe everyone can benefit from learning proper alignment as it leads to ultimate expansion. If you are new to our studio, this is a great place to get to know our teachers, instructions, and community. Should you find that you seek deeper one on one learning and attention, check out our Foundations offerings and or sign up for a private one-on-one session.

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Mixed Levels:

All levels are welcome to join in this mixed level class. Yogis will build strength, flexibility, and awareness while moving through their practice with intelligent alignment cues and various options to modify or move deeper in each asana. Expect to move, maybe sweat, reflect, and deepen connection to yourself.


This class is considered our intermediate/advanced class offering, good for yogis who have a regular practice or are wanting to deepen their current practice. Expect to explore advanced poses that require strength, focus, control of breath, and flexibility. Postures may include: backbends, inversions, arm balances, and deeper twists. Teachers offer modifications, adjustments, and alignment cues to support a deep and supportive practice. As in all of our classes, students are encouraged to listen to their own wisdom and move in ways which support their own form of expanding.

Asana Junkies:

In the spirit of practice, community, and play this is a group practice, inspired by Christina Sell and her Asana Junkies practice series. This is considered an advanced class offering. Anyone with a working knowledge of the basics and inspiration to challenge themselves in a supportive group practice environment will thrive in this offering. The teacher is on their mat guiding, practicing, and playing alongside the community. Students are encouraged to be a part of the conversation of practice, asking questions and engaged in the curiosity of learning and growing. Students can expect inversions, backbends, deep forward folds, twist, and more. Come play with us.

Yin Yoga:

Yin yoga is a passive, still practice that works into the deeper layers of connective tissue, joints, and ligaments to release chronic held tension and to restore vitality and health to these important tissues. Postures are practiced seated or reclining and are held for several minutes at a time. This practice also targets the meridian lines of Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture to enhance the body’s immunity, create emotional equilibrium and promote the balanced flow of chi or prana. This is a strong, sweet practice that will challenge you physically and mentally. Yin yoga is appropriate for students of all levels.