Celebrating 9 Years

As I sit here and try to use my mind and drum up something worthwhile to share with community, something inspiring, something that drops us into connection and reflection, I feel a bit stumped and uncertain.  Pause, breathe, and feel; I tell myself this, the same words I have said countless times to my students while teaching.  I pause, breathe, and allow myself to be. I feel the warmth of the setting sun touching my back, the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees, and chatter of passers by reminding me of the lure to be outside.  It reminds me how simply by slowing down the mind and dropping into my body a world of sensations, experiences, and truth is always available. How easy it is to get lost in the hustle, the to-dos, the striving for perfection… and on and on… and before we know it, days, months, years flow by and you forgot to look those you loved into the eyes and really see them, you missed hearing the morning doves sharing their songs, or the smell of salt air, lilacs in bloom, and the earth after a rain.    

Perhaps the most profound offering I can share is as simple as reminding us all to pause, breathe, and listen.  Creativity, connection, and love cannot be scheduled, contrived, or controlled.  If we just allow more space to listen, there are teachers everywhere wanting to support us on our journey of living a more conscious awake life.  Inspired from the words of Author Pixie Lighthorse, “May everything be my teacher, and may I be teachable.” Can we slow down enough, breathe, and be humble enough to allow the things in this life to really touch us and teach us.      

Too often we skip a breath, choose disconnection over connection, push beyond our needs and the needs of others on this planet.  At what cost? Author To-ko Pa Turner says, “the rushed and busy heart is too closed to make a true encounter with life.”

Today, June 4th, marks 9 years of Lila opening its doors.  I am deeply humbled by the studentship and community that has evolved at Lila; together we have and are cultivating a community where we can share conscious breath and dedicated practice.  Collectively we are willingly saying yes to a true encounter with life. In this willingness to say yes to life, there is a welcoming of all that has come before, all that is present and all that is coming; this is lila, an embrace of all that is being offered on this wild journey and dance of life and living.  The ability to welcome the beauty, the horror, the light, the dark, and still stay open, available, and willing to show up with studentship, an open heart, and discern the business of mind from truth.  As writer Dani Shapiro wrote in her book, Devotion, “may I stay open to all that is.”

This month, I sit with deep gratitude for you all.  The students, the teachers, the mamas, the neighbors, the dads, the brothers, sisters, artists, poets, doctors, the animals, Mother Earth.  You all are my teachers. This community has offered me a tremendous amount of reflection, dedication, and purpose. Thank you all for showing up, again and again.   

The radiant light in me bows to the radiant light in each and everyone of you; Namaste,


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