Jamie Worster: Lila Teacher Feature

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I was living in Colorado when a friend shared that yoga had improved her downhill skiing. I started attending classes at a local recreation center to stretch, strengthen, and build endurance so I could spend more time on the ski mountain. Looking back, I now realize [...]

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Margo Rosignana: Teacher Feature

1. How did you find your way to yoga? After I graduated from college I moved to Taos, NM. Everyone in Taos was into an alternative lifestyle. It seemed only natural that I should discover yoga in Taos—a pretty heavy place energetically and spiritually. After my first class, I immediately bought Donna Farhi's book Yoga Mind, [...]

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Mark Fruehauf: Teacher Feature

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I found my way to yoga by a combination of looking for a low stress type of exercise and discovering in the process a powerful support for meditation practice.   It was fortunate that my first teacher offered a daily class that included a 15 minute [...]

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Tisha Bremner: Teacher Feature

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I discovered yoga when I was 17 through a friend in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga.  I learned the philosophical teachings through an Indian guru, practiced Bhajans, meditation, self-study, and asana (or the poses) were a small part of the practice for me.  In many ways, [...]

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Elizabeth Brazier: Teacher Feature

How did you find your way to yoga? I grew up as a swimmer, so I have been working with my breath for a long time.  After college, I volunteered in Costa Rica for a year and taught English.  I started meditating while living abroad.  I remember sitting mountainside counting my breaths. It was gorgeous.  [...]

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Melissa Emerson: October Teacher Feature

Born and raised right in Portland, Melissa was blessed to receive some amazing training while living in Atlanta and Philadelphia, but she is so glad to be back to the ocean and the gorgeous beauty of Maine. Melissa and her family moved back to Maine in 2011 so her son could run barefoot in the [...]

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Skye Adams: September Teacher Feature

By bringing her family back to Maine and joining the Lila community last year, Skye’s yoga path, which really started with Kathleen Swinbourne at The Yoga Exchange in 2003, has come full circle. Since returning from six years teaching and receiving advanced training with Christina Sell, Seane Corn, and others in Austin, Texas,Skye has enjoyed deepening her connection [...]

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Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature

Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature A Maine resident for the past 13 years and recent transplant from Munjoy Hill, Allison now lives in Portland’s West End in a lovely apartment owned by a fellow yogi and friend. In addition to teaching yoga, Allison is the sustainability director at PDT Architects in Portland, where she is helping [...]

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