Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Spring (or some may think Summer with this weather;) seems to be upon us.  As we naturally shed the down jackets, sweaters, and insulated items from our wardrobe, Spring is the perfect time for shedding the layers on the inside as well, detoxing and cleansing the body. Over the winter we naturally eat heavy, rich foods, including more protein, to insulate us from the cold.  These foods tend to linger in the body past the spring and produce low immunity which in turn can cause the typical later winter issues of colds, flu, sore throats, post nasal drip, headaches, achy joints, fatigue and lack of mental clarity.  As more and more of the light returns, our body wants to release the stored fat and toxins that we have accumulated over the winter.

How is an Ayurvedic cleanse different than other cleanses? 
Ayurveda considers it very important to open the detoxification channels and prepare the body well for what is coming.  When you jump into a cleanse immediately without proper preparation, it can be shocking to the body and toxins won’t be eliminated properly.  It’s also important to rejuvenate the body after a cleanse.  After a cleanse, there are literally “empty spaces” that need to be filled with good quality nourishing and building foods and possibly herbs.  Managing stress during the process is also critical as the lymphatic system and digestive tract, major detox pathways, don’t properly function under stress.  It’s an entirely different experience when you take care of these important steps.

What is the Ayurvedic view on gluten-intolerance?
Gluten is definitely a hard to digest protein which is intended to be eaten primarily in the winter months when digestion is strongest.  It’s good to eliminate foods that you are not able to digest well, however, it’s important to get to the root cause of the issue.  Often times the digestive fire (one of the cornerstones of health) is too low to digest gluten and this allows it to pass through and irritate the digestive intestinal villi.  The most effective approach is to understand the cause.  Stress is also likely part of the problem.  From the Ayurvedic perspective, the digestive capacity would be addressed in the appropriate manner for that individual and the intestinal tract and villi would need to be healed.  A spring cleanse is a good way to start this process of healing.

Could your body use a bit of cleansing, shedding of unwanted toxins, and rejuvenation?  Lila East End Yoga will be hosting a group spring cleanse/detoxification that will focus on the ancient detox and rejuvenation wisdom of Ayurveda.  Carol Morrison, Ayurvedic Pratitioner, will be hosting this 3 week process in April.  If you are interested, sign up soon, as spaces are already filling!

Join us and learn the following about your body and cleansing:

  • Why your digestive fire/capacity is one of the most important aspects of cleansing and your long term health.
  • The importance of releasing emotional toxins.
  • The role the lymphatic system plays and how to keep it moving.
  • Why many cleansing techniques leave your immune system compromised.
  • How to avoid food allergies (i.e. gluten intolerance) and/or repair the damage that causes food allergies.
  • Why cleansing should always include nourishment and rejuvenation.

The first week of the 3 week cleanse is considered the cleanse preparation or the pre-cleanse, the second week is the actual cleanse period, and the final week is the post cleanse.  The kick-off for the pre-cleanse begins April 14th with 2 additional sessions April 22nd (beginning of cleanse week) and April 28th (post cleanse week).  This cleanse structured to be completed while working and leading a normal life. The following is information about this short and simple, but powerful, cleanse and what will transpire at each session:

Session 1:  Saturday April 14, 2:00-5:00pm – Kick-Off and Pre-Cleanse
This session will begin with the background and philosophies of Ayurveda, the “Science of Life”, including a test to determine you own unique body/mind constitution. There will be a discussion on the Ayurvedic philosophies of detoxing which will include the importance of repairing the intestinal villi, building a strong digestive fire, cleaning the lymphatic system, and resetting the ability to burn fat. Instruction will be given on the protocol for the pre-cleanse in preparation for the actual cleanse starting April 23rd.  The full week between April 14 and April 22 will be a time to prepare and get yourself ready for the actual cleanse.  Information will be provided on appropriate foods, daily routines, and simple supplies needed to be purchased for the process.

Session 2: Sunday April 22, 2:00-4:00pm – Cleanse
This session will focus on details regarding the protocol for the cleanse week, exactly what you will be doing for the entire 7 day cleanse period.  Ample time will be allowed for questions and sharing changes that will already be taking place from the pre-cleanse phase.  Additional information will be provided regarding the Ayurvedic understanding of food allergies including gluten intolerance, the effect stress has on the body, calming the mind and the potential for emotional release.

Session 3:  Satuday April 28, 2:00-4:00pm – Post Cleanse
This session will provide an opportunity to check in with the group, ask any questions and share experiences.  The post cleanse includes information on the importance of a rejuvenation period, making sure that the digestive fire is restored to full capacity, and how to accomplish both.  A one month supply of a constitution specific rejuvenative herb will be provided as part of the post cleanse.

This cleanse is an opportunity to gracefully transition from winter into spring/summer, from a cold and dry environment to a moist and cool and then hot environment.  In order to gain the most benefit from this process, there is a certain level of commitment necessary.  Although the cleanse is geared toward being able to maintain a normal working life, it is recommended that you attempt to ease your daily schedule and demands if possible.

Throughout this process, Carol Morrison will be available via phone and email to answer any individual concerns should they arise.

Cleansing is NOT appropriate if you are:
•    Underweight
•    Debilitated
•    Less than 18 years of age
•    Pregnant or nursing
•    Recovering from surgery
•    Suffering from severe mental distress
•    Diagnosed with a serious physical illness (i.e. cancer)
•    Diagnosed with an eating disorder
•    Experiencing severe gastrointestinal tract inflammatory conditions

Want to join us for the cleanse?  Click HERE to register.

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