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We are LOVE! Be LOVE.

The month of LOVE. If you have been reading and following my newsletters over the years, you may now know this is the time of year I love to bring conscious reflection on LOVE. All things LOVE. Love as all encompassing. In yogic texts, love, bliss, and ananda are all used to refer to the [...]

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Teacher Feature: Matt Giordano

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA?  Yoga is the practice of self discovery on multiple levels, and each of us have our own relationship to what self discovery means.   2. HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO YOGA? As a musician I craved a change in my life, a different approach. I read a [...]

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Happy New Year To You All

Monday held a weightiness to the day. The start of a new year was being recognized around the globe. Whether you stayed up to toast with friends and watch the ball drop, created lists of reflections and/or resolutions to save or send to the fire, or opened a new calendar, collectively as a human species [...]

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Gifting Yourself Presence

Time Enough By Dana Faulds The wisdom voice says: “Be still. Take time for what is truly important.” I imagine myself diving, leaving behind an untidy trail of what’s not needed. I cast aside worry, which has never brought me anything even remotely useful. I let go of doubt, and all the countless ways I [...]

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Teacher Feature: Todd Norian

1. How would you describe yoga? Yoga is the union with the vast, mysterious eternal cosmic life force that lives inside your heart through setting healthy self boundaries. 2. How did you find your way to yoga? I followed my heart into a jazz performance major at University of Miami and there happened to be [...]

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Conscious Consumerism

Last night I gathered in celebration with the group of Fall Cleansers.  Together we shared insights, observations, and reflections on what it was like to become more conscious and clear about the way we created space in our environments and in our own bodies.  Be it simplifying diets, choosing to take in less stimulants from [...]

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Student Highlight: Tara Kohn

1. How would you describe yoga? I'm at a point in my life where I have been moving around a lot for work, and yoga helps me to deal with the issues that come with being unsettled. My mat has become a little piece of home that I carry with me wherever I go. As [...]

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Teacher Feature: Heather Murray

1. How would you describe yoga? To me yoga is about connection. It is a means by which we connect (or reconnect) to our truest essence that can easily become hidden or blurred through daily life. Yoga connects us to breath, to body, and to an awareness of our patterns of thought, speech and action. [...]

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Teacher Feature: Elizabeth April

1. How would you describe yoga? I would describe yoga as a navigation tool through the ebbs and flows of the asana practice, as well as off the mat. It is a practice that always draws steadiness, ease, and awareness. 2. How did you find your way to yoga? I found my way to a [...]

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Nature’s Classroom

I am not always the first to know about big breaking news. A while back I made a conscious decision not to turn on my radio in my car, instead choose what I wanted to ingest through my ears. I have always been super sensitive to information, images, sounds and found that when I can [...]

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