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Teacher Feature: Valerie Costello

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? We often think of yoga as simply being the asana practice, or the poses and movement practice, however, it’s much more than that. It’s a lifestyle- a way of showing up for the world around you. Yoga gives you the capacity to see the world and the people within [...]

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Student Feature: Matthew Day

1. How would you describe yoga? The more I learn about yoga the less I’m able to describe it. I find the history and methodology of it fascinating, but for me it’s mostly about learning how to be fully in my body while at the same time quieting my mind, whether it’s on or off [...]

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Lila…8 years in reflection.

It was December 2016 when I was first introduced to the word Lila (pronounced lee-lah). I was a bright eyed student, sitting on the wooden floor of an incensed-bathed yoga studio in Connecticut, waiting for my teachers to share with me my last assignment in my Yoga Teacher Training. When their gaze came my way, [...]

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Teacher Feature: Tracy Bleier

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? Acknowledging, celebrating, remembering the privilege it is to be alive right now on this planet.   2. HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO YOGA? A friend showed me dancer’s pose when I was on vacation and it was enough to intrigue me and get me to my first [...]

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Teacher Feature: Mitchel Bleier

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? I think of everything as yoga. It is my awareness of my rhythms, whether that is in moving my body or the rhythms that govern my day like waking up with the sunrise and looking at the sun with my skin exposed to absorb the light. It is listening [...]

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Teacher Feature: Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks will be coming to Lila later this month to share his Qigong teaching. We asked him questions about his practice, life, and path as a yogi. Help us welcome Kevin to the Lila community on Saturday, May 26th, from 2:00-4:00pm for his workshop. Have fun reading and getting to know him more. 1. [...]

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Student Feature: Cicely Parseghian

1. How would you describe yoga? A practice that helps me to more fully appreciate and be present for the beautiful gift that is my brief shining moment alive in my body on this Earth. 2. How did you find your way to yoga? I tried yoga a few times in college and law school [...]

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Teacher Feature: Jess Emilfarb

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? For me, yoga is a physical practice that allows me to be completely focused and present within my own body on a daily basis and also a mental practice of patience, calm and understanding. I am still a human, and absolutely have days in which I'm certainly not being [...]

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Lessons I Learned From Knitting

by Heather Altenburg I have picked up knitting…again.  I have a mother who can knit anything; she is amazing.  It is one of the many things she creates with her hands; she has a love and a passion for making beautiful things and giving them to others.  Though I have marveled at her my whole [...]

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