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Teacher Feature: Christina Spencer

1. How would you describe yoga? For me, Yoga means developing an awareness of self - a deep personal connection to my own body, mind, patterns, stuck places, open places, etc...all with the hope of becoming more intimate with my own experience in my body. The more conscious I am of my self, the more [...]

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Gratitude for our Roots

Many traditions over time have spoken to the veils being thinner this time of year. The space between our dense tangible bodies to the formless self becomes less, and therefore, lies an offering to deepen connection. We can lean into this time and steep deeper into our innate understanding, knowing, and wisdom, or we can [...]

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Teacher Feature: Danielle Gismondi

1. How would you describe yoga? The second yoga sutra would generally describe yoga as the cessation of the modifications of the mind. In essence, what that means to me, is that when we stop, or cease, modifying what is happening in our mind, and just let it be, we are in a state of [...]

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Let Us Fall

Ripened apples, falling leaves, dwindling light, crackling fires, cooler breezes… these are all marks of the seasonal shift to Fall that is in the air in New England. We could lament the loss of Summer, or lean into welcoming more time to lean in to the dark, to cozy up, prepare soups, and allow for [...]

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Teacher Feature: Desirée Rumbaugh

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? The cultivation of practices that develop our ability to observe how we think, speak and act in the world. With this ability to witness our thoughts, words and actions we can learn to skillfully recognize and then manage our suffering. As a result, we can spend more of our [...]

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May We All Be Teachable

It was a balmy summer day, I was sitting outside, comfortably tucked under the shade of a tree with a dear friend discussing dreams, ways of sharing, and visions of collaboration. At one point in conversation she stated, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This simple statement is so profound. We are constantly, [...]

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Student Feature: Adam Lyon

1. How would you describe yoga? For me, yoga is a way to slow down and focus my attention without needing to have a final goal or deadline to worry about. It makes me aware of all the things I can and can’t do. 2. How did you find your way to yoga? I had [...]

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Embracing the Fullness

Photo credit: Rita Pierce I sit here writing this and witness a picture perfect day in Maine: bluebird sky, full sunshine, gentle warm breeze, the bay filled with sailboats, flowers in full bloom, children with ice cream stained t.shirts licking their cones, friends riding bikes, a seeker of knowledge lounging in the grass [...]

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