An Abundant Harvest

DD's paintingIf you have been to the studio in the last few days, you may have noticed the beautiful new artwork settled right above the alter.  This was given to the studio by the generous DD Swan.  Many thanks to DD for sharing her artistic talents but for also bringing a sense of fullness to our collective space.

If it wasn’t the painting, perhaps you have noticed the gorgeous Dahlia’s on the alter in their complete state of openness.  These beauties delivered by another community member, Jerri, straight from her fruitful garden on the East End.

And, the latest addition that is beautiful in its own right for providing better air flow, is the new ceiling fan!  Fellow yogi, Mark, has many gifts, but one of them is his knack for being handy and adding ease and flow to the space (note, he also put screens on the windows and added on the screen door).

As all of these gifts are pouring into Lila, the timing seems so appropriately aligned with the natural rhythms of Mother Nature.  We witnessed the Autumnal Equinox last week, a time of abundance, harvest, and fullness, the peak of the growth phase of the year.  As we move into a more contemplative, quiet, and restorative time of the year, it seems only appropriate to begin reflecting on the bounty that was created over the last few months and share deep gratitude.  Thank you all for continuing to share your full selves with us at Lila.

Our schedule reflects this abundant time of the year!  Please read below for the full list of offerings in the coming weeks and months: from slideshows, to live music, to workshops on therapeutics, baby yoga, kids yoga, to new gentle yoga classes, to new evening classes,  as well as our regular weekly yoga classes, there is something for everyone.

Check out the great list of offerings on our website.a

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