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We are rooted in these beliefs:

  • We all come to this space whole & enough
  • We are all students; we are all teachers… may we all be teachable
  • We are all connected by the breath; the breath is our life force
  • Yoga is for everybody
  • The practice of yoga is healing medicine for ourselves and our communities
  • Yoga helps us remember our innate connection and relation to all things
  • We value the fullness of life’s experiences; the lila of life, seeing the joy, play, and heart in all things.

Eco-friendly Roots:

We are committed to supporting a yoga community where the practice of yoga is intentional both on and off our mats. We care about your health, the health of future generations, and the health of our planet. Our walls are covered with no-emission paint, our cleaning products are non-toxic, our paper materials are made of recycled materials, and all our props are purchased from Manduka, whose green mission and eco-conscious products align with Lila’s intention to support a healthy, sustainable community.

It Takes A Village:

We are a community of individuals who like to move, breathe, sweat, meditate, and laugh together.  We rise to challenges as well as sink willingly into deep pause.  Everything in the space is held together by the many individuals of our community.  It takes a village to keep the doors open, the community coming, the teachers learning, students grounding, and breath coming.  Deep gratitude to those who help keep the walls stable, floors swept, and create ongoing communication stream of Lila live to the public:

  • Jayne Hanley for her creative flare on our flyers, website, and newsletters.  
  • Courtney Theberge for her amazing photographic eye to capture intimate moments of bliss.
  • Lucy Bergan for her amazing print on our boards.  Yes, she does it freehand!    
  • Saer Huston for his handwork on the redesign of the front of the studio, as well as all the furniture in the studio.
  • Mark Fruehauf for all his various help, he is the go to fix it!  Lightbulbs, fans, switches, you name it.  If it is broke, he can fix it.  
  • Dorota Sokolowski for keeping the floors shining and cobwebs at bay.