Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature

Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature

IMG_6676-AZ-headshot-edit-crop-circleA Maine resident for the past 13 years and recent transplant from Munjoy Hill, Allison now lives in Portland’s West End in a lovely apartment owned by a fellow yogi and friend. In addition to teaching yoga, Allison is the sustainability director at PDT Architects in Portland, where she is helping the firm work with intention toward creating buildings and spaces that reduce demand on our natural resources and that promote human health and comfort.

How did you find your way to yoga?

The first yoga classes I took were Kundalini classes with friends in an art studio in Houston, Texas. Honestly, looking back, I did not know what I was getting into or that yoga would have such an impact on my life. Even then though, as it is for me now, I was drawn to yoga for the space it creates to relax and pause, to be present, to be self-aware, and to connect.

Here in Maine my yoga practice, education, teaching, and community has flourished. Yoga has become integrated into my daily life, my community of friends, and in my work both in and out of the studio.

What is your practice like off the mat? How do you live your yoga?

I live my yoga by paying attention to how I move through the world, by being purposeful in all that I do, by connecting to and collaborating with other people, by pausing, breathing, and realigning when things seem overwhelming. I also live my yoga by just letting go, by leaning back, by trusting that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. (Admittedly, that second part is a little bit harder at times.)

What’s your favorite thing about the Lila yoga community?

The Lila community is composed of generous, kind, and thoughtful people—teachers and students alike—who are practicing yoga not only for the physical benefits but also for all the good that a yoga practice can bring to daily life. I think everyone at Lila is living their yoga.

Which pose is your “asana nemesis,” the one that you loathe, but should probably be doing more?

I am not sure that I loathe it or that I should be doing more of it either, but hanumanasana is definitely my asana nemesis lately. It seems to bother an old hamstring injury so I am doing more by doing less.

Join Allison for two workshops this fall: 

Mindful Mornings

September 13th- 20th, 6-7a.m.

A new workshop and daily practice immersion, join Allison for Mindful Mornings every day, eight mornings in a row, for one week. Each day will include an asana sequence and 20 minutes of breath work and meditation. Leave with the tools and knowledge to continue your own daily morning practice at home.

Beginner Series

Every Tuesday in October, 7-8 p.m.

Registration details and class times will be posted soon in the studio and on the Lila website.

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