How would you describe yoga?

To me, Yoga is the endless practice of self inquiry. This practice brings an understanding of our current experiences, while at the same time, pointing the way to our next experience. It provides an opportunity to change, to become more flexible, patient, and sensitive, which opens us up to a world greater than the hemmed in world of our thoughts. Through cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves, this practice ultimately strengthens our connections with those around us.

How did you find your way to yoga? 

Wherever there is imbalance and suffering, Yoga shows up. I found Yoga at a challenging point in my life. I left a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at New York University and decided to travel around India for 6 months. Feeling quite directionless, I grounded myself in the physical practice of Yoga. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the physical practice became an access point to the vast and profound teachings that Yoga offers.

Who is your primary teacher right now?

One of my root teachers is Janet Stone. Her framing of the 8-limbed path makes the ancient practice of Yoga applicable and sustainable in today’s world. 

What inspires you to keep teaching?

Connection. Connection to myself, to students, and to the greater community in which I serve.

What is your practice like off the mat? How would you say you live your yoga? 

The full offerings of Yoga are imbued into my daily life and anchor me to the continuous practice of mindfulness. The endless self-reflection process opens up my aperture of seeing and allows me to deepen my relationship with myself and the world around me. For me, this is a practice of letting go of unwanted emotional and behavioral patterns with patience and compassion.

Do you have a routine or ritualistic way to starting each day?  If so, please describe.  

My Sadhna consists of a sitting practice, which has become the most potent part of my daily ritual. I dedicate at least 10 minutes every morning to sit in stillness and listen to my body. It is a wonderful way to present moment awareness through connection to breath and sensation

What are some non-negotiables you have in your life right now to maintain balance and health in everyday living?

At this moment, connection to nature is mandatory to maintaining balance and health in everyday life. I find this connection in a simple walk or a more extensive hike in the beautiful surrounding areas of Portland.

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