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Our Studio

We are rooted in these beliefs:

  • We are all whole
  • We are all connected by the breath; the breath is our life force
  • Yoga is for everyone; we all deserve to feel ultimate health and bliss
  • The practice of yoga has healing, therapeutic values
  • Yoga from the inside out; moving into asanas begins with awareness and attitude from the inside
  • Proper alignment leads to ultimate expansion & long term health of the mind, body, and spirit
  • We are all students, continually growing and evolving
  • Practicing and living with intention both on and off our mats leads to a deeper experience
  • Recognition of our own inner beauty allows us to recognize beauty in all that surrounds us
  • The practice of yoga in community is fun, playful, and supportive
  • Joy is contagious

Eco-friendly Roots:
We are committed to supporting a yoga community where the practice of yoga is intentional both on and off our mats. We care about your health, the health of future generations, and the health of our planet.   Our walls are covered with no-emission paint, our cleaning products are non-toxic, our paper materials are made of recycled materials, and all our props are purchased from Manduka, whose Green mission and eco-conscious products align with Lila’s intention to support a healthy, sustainable community.