The Gift of your own presence…

The season of giving is upon us.  Mother Teresa once said, “It is not how much we give, but how much LOVE we put into giving.”  We can easily make mindless purchases and give without much thought and care - gadgets, trinkets, jewels, sweaters, books, or even our time, energy, and donations.  What would the [...]

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Student Highlight: Stephanie Cabot

Stephanie is the owner of Rêve Cycling Studio. Her goal is to provide an urban escape for riders in the middle of Portland. Motivated by the relaxed and refreshed mind/body experience that a good cycling workout provides, she wants all of her riders to experience this with her same enthusiasm. She lives in Portland, Maine [...]

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Homemade Spiced Tea

Have you enjoyed a cup of our chai tea at the studio yet? It warms your belly and helps that centered, connected feeling you get after a great yoga class last just a little bit longer. Want to make some at home? Try this recipe: Homemade Spiced Tea Makes one gallon. Ingredients: 4 quarts water [...]

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BOO Candy Recipe

  How are you transitioning into Fall? It's important to maintain our health during the changing of the seasons, especially since it can sneak up on us and the next thing we know we've got low energy and a runny nose. Around my house we make something called Boo Candy. Take several spoonfuls daily when [...]

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Making Peace With Impermanence

This past Wednesday night I walked hand in hand with my 5 year old son into his kindergarten meet and greet.  Though many parents before me had talked about the transition to kindergarten being such a monumental one, and have heard many stories of breakdowns, tears, and slobbery messes on the first day, I just [...]

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Spirits of Summer

I flipped my calendar page this morning from July to August, and a wave of urgency to “get after it” rushed through my mind. Summertime in Maine is so sweet, and so short! It is hard to believe that June and July both have come and gone. Right after the wave of slight overwhelm, I [...]

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Innate longing to be Free 

I spent a long weekend with my family up on the giant playground of Mount Desert Island where I watched and felt an essence of freedom every day.  Be it my mind feeling the clarity and ease of the fresh summer air coupled with time away from my computer, or, my body feeling mobile and [...]

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Today is the cultural beginning of summer. Many of us gathered with friends and loved ones, or remembered those who could not be there. We laughed and ate and watched as the rain cleared and the sun came out. We felt connected because we were together. Last weekend Tracy Bleier came to Lila and gathered [...]

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It's that time of year when things begin to fall apart a bit. Mercury is in retrograde. A quarter of the way through the year you've either stuck with your New Year's resolutions or you've fallen off the wagon. You know the magical Maine summer is just around the corner, and now is just, well, [...]

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