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The Bowspring Practice is a physically freeing and emotionally releasing body-mind experience. It’s a dynamic postural practice that works on the body’s connective network in accessible, yet challenging, movements. It strengthens the postural muscles, creates a better breath and fosters an overall physical and mental state of resting in a relaxed and a free environment.

A Bowspring Practice class is just you. Your body. Your focus. Your commitment. You use your own natural body weight to strengthen your muscles and heart with dynamic movement. The postures and movements move your body backwards, forwards, sideways and upside down. You learn to use your body’s natural springs to feel physically powerful and light. You have more energy by using less effort.

A class leaves you feeling cleansed. Classes move you. They move your spirit and soul with inspiring and thoughtful wisdom. Wisdom that stays with you. Wisdom that makes you act and feel better. Classes move you with music that gets you flowing similar to a yoga, dance, martial arts or plyometrics class. You think and feel your way with new clarity.