Teacher Feature: Dd Swan

1. How would you describe yoga? Yoga is YES—an open invitation to travel on a journey with twists and turns, stops and starts, discovery, renewal, reimagining, time alone, with friends and teachers along the way, respites and contemplation, opportunities to receive, give and welcome yourself home, trusting that where you are is the exact right [...]

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Student Highlight: Sam Kyzivat

1. How would you describe your music? Ambient, cinematic electric violin loops. 2. How did you find your way to music? I grew up in a musical household, with wonderful parents who really valued music education from an early age. I started with piano lessons at age 6, then (classical) violin lessons at age 10, [...]

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Achieve Balance This Summer

The Maine summer days are among us.  The temperatures are climbing upwards, the sunshine is vibrant, and the schedules bursting at the seem to fit it all in while the short summer season lasts.  As our physical body heats up, and our schedules become more crowded, the temperature and pace of living can become unsustainable. [...]

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Honoring Community

June 4th, 2017, marks 7 years of Lila East End Yoga!  Seven years ago I gathered teachers, friends, and family together to help vision the future of Lila and its community at large.  We circled up in my living room, whiteboard and markers in hand we collectively came up with the list of core beliefs [...]

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Teacher Feature: Sami Migliozzi

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? For me, yoga has always been a linking of movement & breath that allows me to drop out of my anxious mind & into the moment, where anything is possible. It seems there's more magic in the present moment, there's more to be grateful for, and yoga is one [...]

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Teacher Feature: Cindy MacKay

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? I would describe yoga as a way of life. A practice of continuous self inquiry, embodiment, and meditation through stillness and movement. A way of being totally present and connected to all that is. 2. HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO YOGA? As an athlete and a dancer [...]

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Mother Love

We collectively are being steeped in mother love.  Be it mother love from Mother Nature, a maternal mother loving you unconditionally, or feeling the feminine unconditional love of a friend looking you in the eyes and really seeing you, each of us is being held here on this planet together.  Earth Day just passed and [...]

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Teacher Feature: Juliet Loranger

1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOGA? When I'm describing yoga, I tend to be speak to the process of a yoga practice. Some times I really love to describe yoga and put words to the physical effort and understanding of the asana practice. That usually sounds like this; "Each and every yoga pose has stages [...]

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