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Beginners Mind

Hi. I’m Skye, the new kid in town. You may have come to one of my classes, introduced yourself to me as you lay your mat next to mine, or seen my name at the end of an email. That’s because after only a few short months as a student at Lila, Genell took a giant leap of faith and not only gave me my own classes to teach, but also a key to the studio, and let me communicate with all of you while she away is cuddling Baby Riley. Pretty trusting, huh? Well, it’s also humbling, which I believe is one of the keys to a lasting and fulfilling yoga practice: humility.

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Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature

Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature A Maine resident for the past 13 years and recent transplant from Munjoy Hill, Allison now lives in Portland’s West End in a lovely apartment owned by a fellow yogi and friend. In addition to teaching yoga, Allison is the sustainability director at PDT Architects in Portland, where she is helpingContinue Reading

Beat the Heat

Oh, summer in Maine: longer days, bike rides, fresh veggies, ocean breezes. Now I remember why we endure the long winter. For some Mainers, though, summer isn’t so relaxing. The heat and humidity of July and August can elevate stress and anxiety, as well as exacerbate existing health conditions like upper respiratory and digestive disorders.Continue Reading

Happy 4 Years to Lila!

Today marks the official date of Lila opening its doors.  Four years ago I stepped into the unknown of running my own business to dive deeper into a practice that I loved.  The days, months, and years that followed have allowed me to feel more connected, more aware, and more supported.  Many thanks go outContinue Reading

Things are as they are…

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a crew of yoga all stars in the beautiful setting of Bermuda’s pristine beaches and blue waters.  All weekend I was searching and yearning for a little golden nugget that I could share with the Portland yoga community in the next enewsletter.  There were many valuableContinue Reading

Waking Up to the Beauty of this World & Life

There are 16 days to spring. I am, as I imagine many of you are, eager to smell the thawing earth and feel a warmer breeze. The light is coming back, and soon, buds will be showing themselves, and layers will be stripping from the earth and our own heavily covered winter bodies. I lookContinue Reading

Love Reigns

February is the coined month of love in our media-driven culture. Grocery stores are once again lined with pink and red chocolates, emails with hearts and gift ideas for sweethearts are stacking inboxes, and romantic comedies crowd the movie lines. I used to be more jaded by this Hallmark Holiday coining phrases of love andContinue Reading

Steady Joy & Peace

Last week marked the beginning of the holidays for many.  Traveling far and wide, or nesting at home, many of us gathered with friends and/or family to share a meal, mingle in conversation, and take time to be with each other.  For most of us us, this is a break in our daily routines. SomeContinue Reading

Watching Compassion Grow

As we approach the season of giving, gathering, sharing meals, celebrating the holidays, listening to songs of cheer and peace that fill the airways, I am compelled to think about compassion.  I think about what our world would be like if we all were truly able to be compassionate to all walks of life, ourContinue Reading

Exploring Optimal Health in Your Own Body

“You only get one body, one life, one chance to live and it’s difficult to enjoy your life if you are trapped in a body that only leaves you sick and in pain.” Tiffany Cruikshank The last few months I have been really, unwillingly at first I will admit, contemplating this question in my mindContinue Reading