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The Restlessness of Spring

By Skye Adams
I don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to move. I can’t sit still. I can barely hold onto a thought. I have wanderlust and I get bored easily. Is it the (relatively) good weather? I just want to be outside walking on the beach! Is it all the new growth around me? Crocuses and buds on the trees! Is it the purifying rain? I don’t know. But I do know that I am not alone. I see it in students’ open eyes during savasana, in their haste to get outside after class to play in the elusive April sunshine, and in conversations about summer camping and other travel plans. Because this is a transitional time of year, a time of year to plan your next move.
But this is also the time of year to find your roots. As we shed the layers of winter and welcome the rejuvenation of spring light and rain, our thoughts and our bodies are free to plant themselves intentionally, to find purchase and ground. And this requires stillness. How can we ever expect to find focus for our creativity, or our boundless energy, if we can’t sit still?
The answer is moving to stillness. Breathe, move, work it out, let it go, and then be still. Burn off or wash away all your crazy until what is left is your own truth, your seed. “OM,” or “AUM,” the universal sound that we chant before and after class is called a “seed mantra.” It is without exact meaning or literal translation, but with the limitless power to transform. The vibrational quality of the sound alone can change your very cells.
So find your seed and grow it. Instead of letting the restlessness of spring make you discontent and rudderless, use it to find your ground and follow your wild ideas all the way to fruition.

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