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It’s that time of year when things begin to fall apart a bit. Mercury is in retrograde. A quarter of the way through the year you’ve either stuck with your New Year’s resolutions or you’ve fallen off the wagon. You know the magical Maine summer is just around the corner, and now is just, well, mud season.
I have had several conversations with students and other teachers over the past week about the restive quality of spring, and how routines and commitments can help to keep us grounded through this transitional season. Sometimes it’s as simple as signing up for classes in advance. Many of you know that all the classes at Lila are open to the public and that you are never required to sign up to reserve your spot, but one student told me that she loves looking at her Lila schedule for the week and knowing that she’s going to those classes. Her name is already on the roster. She’s committed. It’s right there in print.
But others consider commitment akin to responsibility, and that can make yoga seem like yet another thing you have to do. So I like to think of my yoga practice as devotion rather than commitment. Devotion brings to mind passion, intention, wonder, and love. I have been practicing yoga for sixteen years and teaching for nearly ten, and I am still in awe of what I have yet to learn about myself, the teachings, and the connectivity of it all. Even after all this time, I am devoted.
Devotion is also a choice. Commitment is often not. You choose to practice yoga. You are committed to paying your property taxes. When you choose to devote yourself to something that’s good for you, or something that makes you feel whole, it becomes your own. And you can make your yoga practice whatever you want, but you choose to include Lila, and you choose to keep coming, and we are just as devoted to you as you are to us. So thank you.

Teacher Feature: Tracy Bleier

  How did you find your way to yoga? I had a dear friend who kept encouraging me to try it.  This was almost 17 years ago.  I finally tried a local class and can distinctly remember feeling amazing  in a way I have tried for years to describe. I called my friend and heContinue Reading

The Restlessness of Spring

By Skye Adams I don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to move. I can’t sit still. I can barely hold onto a thought. I have wanderlust and I get bored easily. Is it the (relatively) good weather? I just want to be outside walking on the beach!Continue Reading

Student Highlight: Laurie Fisher

1. How did you find your way to yoga? Yoga sort of found me. At a time in my life about 11 years ago, when I was going through some tough personal transitions and heartache, I was mostly numb and maxing myself out to keep the stress and sorrow at bay.  Somehow I ended upContinue Reading

Teacher Feature: Lucy Bergen

1. How did you find your way to yoga? Through dance when I was in college. A modern dance teacher introduced yoga as a warm up and I was hooked there on out. 2. What is your practice like off the mat? How do you live your yoga? My yoga practice has grown alongside aContinue Reading

Teacher Feature: Marit Wilson

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I came to yoga from 15 years of dance. I like thinking and feeling through my body. I like to see how subtly and precisely I can articulate my physical body. I am interested in the ramifications of that work on all levels of my being.Continue Reading

Student Highlight: Bruce Kaplan

1. How did you find your way to yoga?A life changing experience, basically a kick in the butt put me on my path to stay with my pain and find awareness on the other side. Yoga reminds me of this one asana at a time. 2. What do you do for a living? I movedContinue Reading

The Journey Home

Several of us at Lila are embarking on international traveling adventures next week, some to practice yoga and surf in tropical Costa Rica, and others (OK, just me) to explore the wet, lush landscape of Ireland. While I am so excited for my trip, I also know how good it’s going to feel to comeContinue Reading

Student Highlight: Kate Wallace

How did you find your way to yoga? Initially I got into yoga to relieve stress. I was working as an EMT at the time and was exposed to many real and horrible things, life and death. There is a culture within that profession to suppress a lot of the hard feelings. Yoga was aContinue Reading

Teacher Feature: Kate Whittemore

How did you find your way to yoga and then to teaching? My initial experience with yoga was through a modern dance teacher while in high school – she would have us warm up with sun salutations and focus on linking movement with breath as we danced. I really enjoyed it then, but didn’t startContinue Reading