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Santosha in the New Year

Blog_photoWell, it’s 8° outside right now, so I guess winter has officially descended. Now is the time when many of us wonder why we live in Maine, as we wrap ourselves in layered clothing and prepare to do battle with the cold.

But what if it’s this fight against winter that makes it so difficult to endure year after year? What if we just accepted the bitter cold and snow as part of the flow of life in this beautiful state?

In Denmark they have a concept called “hygge,” which means togetherness and comfort. The Scandinavian countries endure far longer and darker winters than we do in the Northeastern United States, and yet they are some of the happiest people on the planet. Why? Because they embrace winter as a time to connect with loved ones, to go in, to eat warm foods and drink hot drinks, to be by the fire and, well, just be.

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Tisha Bremner: Teacher Feature

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I discovered yoga when I was 17 through a friend in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga.  I learned the philosophical teachings through an Indian guru, practiced Bhajans, meditation, self-study, and asana (or the poses) were a small part of the practice for me.  In many ways,Continue Reading

Todd Glacy: Lila Student Highlight

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I began practicing yoga 20 years ago as a form of exercise. I started out with a couple of videotapes, and then began attending various yoga classes throughout the Boston area. I found I really enjoyed and connected with the non-competitive, meditative, and ultimately spiritual aspectsContinue Reading

The Season of Giving and the Importance of Self-Care

My yoga teacher in Austin was one of the most generous, loving women I’ve ever known, so when she sat in front of class one day and confessed to us how selfish she is, we all laughed. She told us if she cut up an avocado for her family’s dinner, she always gave herself theContinue Reading

Ashok Nalamalapu: Student Highlight

1. How did you find your way to yoga? I lost my voice for a year in 2000. During that time, I took yoga (Asana) classes. Yoga relaxed my neck muscles. With couple of surgeries on my vocal folds and yoga practice, I regained my voice gradually. Now I am able to sing in concertsContinue Reading

Elizabeth Brazier: Teacher Feature

How did you find your way to yoga? I grew up as a swimmer, so I have been working with my breath for a long time.  After college, I volunteered in Costa Rica for a year and taught English.  I started meditating while living abroad.  I remember sitting mountainside counting my breaths. It was gorgeous. Continue Reading

Heather Altenberg: Teacher Feature

How did you find your way to yoga? I found my way to yoga through a friend who casually suggested going to a small studio in the center of Cape Elizabeth that no longer exists.  The teacher for that class became a co-worker of mine at Waynflete School, a dear friend, and my primary teacherContinue Reading

Carol Morrison: Lila Student Highlight

How did you find your way to yoga? I found my way to yoga through an injury.  I love hiking and many years ago, while hiking Bald Face Mountain in NH, I tore the meniscus in my left knee.  It required surgery and during the recovery period, I decided to try yoga as a gentleContinue Reading

Thanksgiving: The Season of … Contentment?

By Skye Adams You thought I was going to say “giving,” didn’t you? Well, this month is certainly about giving, and more importantly, gratitude, but I am more interested in the bigger picture, that having a grateful heart leads to contentment. We qualify a lot of things in our culture. Something is good or bad,Continue Reading

Bringing the Ordinary to Life

By Genell Vashro Huston The fall has fully arrived.  Routines are being established and drinking tea, snuggled by the fire is sounding more inciting.  As mother nature cycles into a time of quiet and rest, hopefully you too are are finding yourself transitioning from the business of summer and back to school into a moreContinue Reading