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Heather Altenberg: Teacher Feature

HeatherHow did you find your way to yoga?
I found my way to yoga through a friend who casually suggested going to a small studio in the center of Cape Elizabeth that no longer exists.  The teacher for that class became a co-worker of mine at Waynflete School, a dear friend, and my primary teacher until she moved to New Hampshire.  She was a tremendous influence and I eventually did my teacher training with her assisting the training.
What is your practice like off the mat?  How do you live your yoga?
I have three children, ages 12, 10 and 8, and they are an enormous focus of my practice off the mat.  The yoga practice has taught me so much about how to live a life of meaning and connection.  It has helped bring clarity and understanding into the ways of the inner psyche.  I hope to teach and guide my children with what I have learned as well as use the practices myself while raising them.  I try to live my yoga moment to moment with my interactions with not only my children, but everyone I encounter, using each situation as an opportunity to grow, expand and remember my role in this world.Continue Reading

Carol Morrison: Lila Student Highlight

How did you find your way to yoga? I found my way to yoga through an injury.  I love hiking and many years ago, while hiking Bald Face Mountain in NH, I tore the meniscus in my left knee.  It required surgery and during the recovery period, I decided to try yoga as a gentleContinue Reading

Thanksgiving: The Season of … Contentment?

By Skye Adams You thought I was going to say “giving,” didn’t you? Well, this month is certainly about giving, and more importantly, gratitude, but I am more interested in the bigger picture, that having a grateful heart leads to contentment. We qualify a lot of things in our culture. Something is good or bad,Continue Reading

Bringing the Ordinary to Life

By Genell Vashro Huston The fall has fully arrived.  Routines are being established and drinking tea, snuggled by the fire is sounding more inciting.  As mother nature cycles into a time of quiet and rest, hopefully you too are are finding yourself transitioning from the business of summer and back to school into a moreContinue Reading

Melissa Emerson: October Teacher Feature

Born and raised right in Portland, Melissa was blessed to receive some amazing training while living in Atlanta and Philadelphia, but she is so glad to be back to the ocean and the gorgeous beauty of Maine. Melissa and her family moved back to Maine in 2011 so her son could run barefoot in theContinue Reading


By Fiona Clifford Towards the end of a practice, the instructor guided us through Figure Four. As the pose challenged my tight hips, our instructor offered gentle encouragement: “Everything eventually unfolds.” Focusing on opening in harmony with breath also revealed the wisdom of this phrase. Everything eventually unfolds. The word unfold suggests a moment of struggle, confusion, discomfort.Continue Reading

Surrender to The Journey

The kids are back in school. The tourists are gone. The nights are cooler. It’s almost fall, that time of year after the majesty of summer and before the insular peace of winter. In Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, each season is represented by a different dosha, or mind/body constitution—except fall. This is an in-betweenContinue Reading

Skye Adams: September Teacher Feature

By bringing her family back to Maine and joining the Lila community last year, Skye’s yoga path, which really started with Kathleen Swinbourne at The Yoga Exchange in 2003, has come full circle. Since returning from six years teaching and receiving advanced training with Christina Sell, Seane Corn, and others in Austin, Texas,Skye has enjoyed deepening her connectionContinue Reading

Beginners Mind

Hi. I’m Skye, the new kid in town. You may have come to one of my classes, introduced yourself to me as you lay your mat next to mine, or seen my name at the end of an email. That’s because after only a few short months as a student at Lila, Genell took aContinue Reading

Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature

Allison Zuchman: August Teacher Feature A Maine resident for the past 13 years and recent transplant from Munjoy Hill, Allison now lives in Portland’s West End in a lovely apartment owned by a fellow yogi and friend. In addition to teaching yoga, Allison is the sustainability director at PDT Architects in Portland, where she is helpingContinue Reading